A good worker with a fake transcript

By Rey Elbo
Even if that person remains a hard worker for six months, what’s the guarantee that he will not commit forgery again at some point? Also, think of the impact on your company’s disciplinary policy.

La Salle wins CA dismissal case against teachers

THE Court of Appeals (CA) has upheld the dismissal of former teachers at De La Salle University’s Center for Language and Lifelong Learning, after they failed to meet the employment requirement of having master’s degrees.

More US firms charging workers job training costs if they resign

WASHINGTON — When a Washington state beauty salon charged Simran Bal $1,900 for training after she quit, she was shocked.

Mishandled resignations

By Rey Elbo
Once upon a time, a young man consulted the Socrates to learn from the great philosopher. The moment he arrived, the young man began to speak, until interrupted by Socrates: “Young man, I regret I will have to charge you double fee for that.”

ABS-CBN told to reinstate worker in 2010 case

THE Supreme Court (SC) ruled that ABS-CBN Corp. (ABS-CBN) must reinstate without back pay a production assistant who claimed she was forced to resign in 2010.

Maintenance on eight French nuclear reactors delayed by strike

PARIS —  France’s FNME trade union said on Wednesday that some workers at EDF’s nuclear plants resumed their strike over salaries, delaying maintenance work on eight reactors as the union sent a message of support to striking refinery workers.

Options for dealing with a subpar performer

By Rey Elbo
If Louie is the only one not meeting the production requirements, then it’s clear that he’s part of the problem, at least at first glance. If this initial assessment is correct, you need to get to the bottom of the situation fast to keep things from getting worse. One possibility is that his immediate boss may have failed to coaching him to meet standards.

Hong Kong allows domestic helper wages to rise for first time since 2019

HONG KONG has raised the minimum wage for domestic helpers for the first time since before the pandemic, with Filipinos in domestic service there estimated to receive extra pay equivalent to P750 per month, the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) said.

Long-time worker leaves difficult tasks to colleagues

By Rey Elbo
Mark, a long-time employee who has been a hard worker, has taken to refusing to do the difficult part of his job, which he passes on to younger colleagues, who are revolting at this treatment. He has become bossy even though he and his colleagues are assigned the same tasks. How do we resolve this issue? — Yellow Ribbon.

IRR on single-parent benefits issued; law to take effect in Oct.

THE Department of Social Welfare and Development said on Thursday that it has issued the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Expanded Solo Parent Act, outlining job benefits that solo parents are entitled to.

GM delays return-to-work plans to 2023

GENERAL MOTORS Co. (GM) on Tuesday said it will not mandate workers return to offices before 2023 after it had told them last week that they would be expected to work three days on-campus each week later this year.

An unpopular manager gets hate mail

By Rey Elbo
What’s your company policy on these matters? Obviously, you don’t have any because you took the time to seek my advice. Double check the wording of your code of conduct or similar regulations if it can be classed as “disrespecting management authority” or some similar violation.
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