Dr. Chan Chung Yip, Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgeon, talks about the...

The liver plays a vital role in maintaining a person’s overall health. However, if not properly taken care of, the liver can face potential...

Startup seeks to drive innovation in corporations via venture building

RECOGNIZING the need for structured support and guidance, venture studios have emerged as vital players in the startup ecosystem, according to an industry player.

Startup movement seeks e-commerce community to support growth

THE e-commerce industry in the Philippines needs to build a strong community of skilled entrepreneurs, alongside tech talent and regulators, to support its growth, according to an industry player.

Tapping into creativity: A mom’s shift from restaurant-bar to tampipi basket innovation

A SMALL BUSINESS must have all hands on deck, yet it is even better if only a single pair runs a tight ship to effectively manage missteps, according to stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur Bambi Y. Temeña.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Dr. Christopher Goh on head and neck cancer

Like other organ systems, the head and neck are also prone to risk, and cancer is among them. Surgeon and Senior Consultant Dr. Christopher...

Innovation in romance: Pioneering proposal planning in the Philippines

CURATING moments of joy and surprise is the driving force behind M Proposals MNL, a wedding proposal planning company that hopes to expand all over the country, its founder Carmela Denise A. Alcordo said.

Logistics startup adapts to EV wave in Philippines

THE logistics landscape is rapidly evolving, with sustainability and eco-friendly solutions becoming paramount, according to an industry player.

Parkway Cancer Centre’s Dr. Tanujaa Rajasekaran on how lung, genitourinary cancers can be treated

Lungs and the urinary tract perform the vital functions of breathing clean air into the body and removing waste from it, respectively. Cancer in...

From disaster to solution: Startup takes on climate change with intel platform

EFFECTIVE disaster management requires access to real-time data and a swift means of disseminating critical information — a realization that entrepreneur Felix R. Ayque had in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, which wreaked havoc in Eastern Visayas in 2013.

Embrace personalization, innovation in ‘ber’ months, expert tells MSMEs

INTEGRATING personalization and innovation into business strategies stands as a paramount move for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) looking to tap into the heightened consumer engagement and increased spending during the “ber” months, according to an expert.

PHL dairy farms hold potential to meet local demand — Carmen’s Best

PHILIPPINE dairy farms can meet local needs by investing more in production and product development, leading to reduced reliance on dairy imports, according to an industry player.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Dr. Chui Chan Hon on pediatric surgery

Any underlying health condition that is not treated at an early stage may eventually have an impact on children’s growth and well-being. Thus, Dr....