When an office romance becomes disruptive

By Rey Elbo
There are many questions that we should ask before we can come up with an appropriate answer. I am assuming both of the workers are single. I would also assume they’re not in some kind of a boss-subordinate relationship.

As South Korean government proposes flexible overtime rules, some fear workers may suffer

SEOUL — The administration of South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol wants to allow people to work up to 69 hours a week —...

SC affirms ruling denying seafarer disability claim

THE Supreme Court (SC) affirmed an appeals court decision to deny a seafarer’s permanent disability claim worth $60,000, saying the claim was filed prematurely. In...

Former Iligan mayor fined over breach of civil service rules

THE Supreme Court (SC) ruled that a former mayor of Iligan City violated civil service rules following a complaint filed by a city engineer...

Worker with special skills has poor attendance record

By Rey Elbo
Nestor may be testing the waters. He knows he’s indispensable because of his special skills and is exploring the limits of management. If he’s already receiving above-average pay and perks, I suspect he wants to take the fast track to promotion.

Pandemic seen underlining need for digital skills

THE need for digital transformation was laid bare by the pandemic, particularly for the Asia-Pacific, where the bulk of the economic growth depending on...

Hireability seen being driven by adaptability, multi-tasking

JOB SEEKERS have been advised to develop their digital skills, multi-tasking, adaptability, interpersonal skills, and time management to increase their chances of employment this...

The ethics of extreme sales tactics

By Rey Elbo
This is the downside to offering lucrative rewards for individual performance, rather than rewarding team performance. It will be difficult to shift to a new incentive structure when revenue has come to depend on such a system of rewards.

What leaders can do when a key team member leaves for good 

Succession planning, as well as appreciating what team members have brought to the table, will ensure that their departure does not leave a negative...

DMW to provide training, aid for human trafficking victims

THE DEPARTMENT of Migrant Workers (DMW) plans to provide livelihood and retraining programs for jobseekers who fell victim to human trafficking schemes, an official said.

Aboitiz unit sponsors 50 in Cebu to train for scaffolding work

ABOITIZ Construction, Inc. will be sponsoring the training of 50 candidates in Cebu seeking to be certified as scaffolders in partnership with the School...

Worker suspected of selling trade secrets

By Rey Elbo
“Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty,” says American businessman, author and columnist Harvey Mackay. “Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them.” So, what happens if you don’t support them?
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