Union bats for reforms to wage-setting system

LEGISLATORS must reform the regional wage-setting system to ensure that pay keeps up with the rising cost of living, a labor group said.

Strategic planning for HR department

By Rey Elbo
We’re nearing the last quarter of the year. In preparation for the new year, how do we assess the capability and competency of our...

AI-driven recruitment seen to boost competitiveness

Companies need to explore creative ways to make the recruitment process more personalized, swift, and efficient to be competitive, a hiring platform said.  The use...

Adaptability deemed key as AI sweeps workplace

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) has heightened the importance of worker adaptability, according to employment-focused social media platform LinkedIn Corp. A new report from LinkedIn said that...

Unions push ‘transition fund’ for tech-displaced workers

THE GOVERNMENT needs to harness new technology and offer more digital jobs to improve productivity and enhance job quality, but it also needs to ensure that the transition is fair to workers facing potential displacement, a labor group said.

Gen Z prizes innovative, socially responsible workplaces — JobStreet

GENERATION Z workers are motivated by innovation in the workplace and the knowledge that their companies are conscious of their social mission, JobStreet said. JobStreet...

Basic etiquette in hiring external candidates

By Rey Elbo
We are a small food manufacturer. I was tasked by our human resources (HR) manager to research the best practices for hiring candidates for...

Emphasis on technical, soft skills in business training programs seen needed  

Programs for business mentoring and training must strike a balance between technical and soft skills, according to an expert. This is to develop a well-rounded...

Overseas teacher training urged to address skills gap in STEM

THE GOVERNMENT needs to sponsor overseas training programs for teachers to bridge the proficiency and learning gap in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, a legislator said.

Talent shortage seen making companies more open to hiring former employees

GLOBAL recruitment consultancy firm Robert Walters said the talent shortage can be mitigated by maintaining positive relations with ex-employees. According to a Robert Walters survey,...

Competition for talent primary determinant of benefits offerings

EMPLOYERS in the Philippines view the competition for talent as the main factor in determining the benefits offered to employees, advisory group Willis Towers...

How HR managers should solve problems

By Rey Elbo
I pity our department’s human resources (HR) manager. He’s perceived to be incompetent; many employees see him as a mere office clerk who can’t...
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