Strengthening our defense posture with allies

By Victor Andres C. Manhit
United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III, during his visit to Manila last week, reaffirmed his country’s commitment to help the Philippines strengthen its defense posture.

We’re not even close to running out of green minerals

By David Fickling
FOR THOSE BETTING against the world’s ability to kick its carbon addiction, the commodities boom of the past few years has provided fresh ammunition. Tesla,...

Bridging and building a progressive future

By Dick Du Baladad
Let me first extend the gratitude of the 2023 Board of Governors for the confidence in entrusting to us the stewardship of the Management Association of the Philippines or MAP.

Love insights for management

By Patrick Adriel H. Aure
Every February, we are reminded of love — the kind usually associated with romance and kilig. However, for me, this year’s month of love...

Ten trends in global and Philippine energy

By Bienvenido S. Oplas, Jr.
Some developments on the energy front in early 2023, both global and national. 1. Oil and gas prices are now lower than during pre-war Ukraine....

China must repair damage from its burst balloon

By Minxin Pei
AFTER US JET FIGHTERS took out a Chinese “spy balloon” that had slowly traversed the country last week, the idea of stabilizing relations between...

School-based management for basic education

By Nepomuceno A. Malaluan
In November 2022, I had the privilege of being the discussant of a paper by Dr. Helena Agnes Valderrama, professor at the University of the Philippines Virata School of Business, titled “The Quest to Transform PH Basic Education: Execution as the Imperative.”

Cities would literally be much cooler with more trees

By Lara Williams
IN THE MIDDLE of winter, on a cold, grey day, it’s easy to find yourself yearning for some summer warmth. It’s also easy to...

Malaysia faces ‘inconvenient truth’ on clean energy goals

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian Chuan Zhen Ko’s passion for clean energy and climate change was first ignited by his university lecturers and watching the 2006 Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, starring former US Vice-President Al Gore.

Sleepless in Malacañang

By Diwa C. Guinigundo
Imagine inflation keeping President Bongbong Marcos awake at night. This much the President admitted last week in an interview with television journalists at Malacañang....

Corazon Aquino’s legacy

By Luis V. Teodoro
The family and friends of the late President Corazon Aquino marked her 90th birthday on Jan. 25. No one in government even mentioned it, but it would have been surprising if any one of them had done so.

The passion for child protection

By Maria Victoria Rufino
“We are here not only to celebrate our 25th Anniversary but also to reflect on our purpose, how we can rekindle our passion and...
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