Elon Musk is acting like Henry Ford. Uh-Oh.

By Stephen Mihm
AS ELON MUSK tries to add the social media giant Twitter to his expanding empire, he’s seeming a bit busy. When he’s not starting...

Promises to keep

By Philip Ella Juico
Almost two weeks after the May 9 general elections, people, as expected, continue to do some so-called Monday-night quarterbacking.

Advice is not always solicited

By Tony Samson
A NEW MANAGEMENT is always presumed to need help to navigate unknown waters. There is the corporate culture to worry about (Sir, you must...

The economic status of Philippine regions Robust growth outside NCR

(Part 1) In 2019 before the pandemic, I wrote that the province of Batangas will be the epicenter of the next metropolis that will rival...

The Marcos presidency and the future of Philippine foreign policy

fter one of the most consequential national elections in the country’s history, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. is set to become the 17th president of...

Remembering the Right to be Forgotten

Tech giant and search engine provider Google announced on April 27 that it will allow people to request for the deletion from its search...

Calling a man ‘bald’ isn’t sexual harassment

By Stephen L. Carter
Everybody relax. It’s still safe to say “bald” in the workplace. News reports to the contrary notwithstanding, a UK employment tribunal didn’t hold last...

Taiwan’s COVID-19 containment strategy utilizes innovative technology and universal health coverage

By Shih-Chung Chen
TWO YEARS into the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 510 million confirmed cases and more than 6.25 million deaths have been reported around the world. As nations continue to battle the pandemic, Taiwan’s achievements have been widely recognized. As of May 10, about 390,000 confirmed cases and 931 deaths had been reported in Taiwan, which has a population of 23.5 million. And thanks to a joint effort by the government and the people, Taiwan’s economic growth rate for 2021 reached 6.45%.

Zoonotic spillover is the apocalypse you’ll be hearing about a lot

THE TERM “zoonotic spillover” might sound either reassuringly geeky or deceptively innocuous — like a sticky mess involving a melted ice cream cone between the monkey cage and the aquarium. It refers, in reality, to one of the greatest dangers to humanity. As such, it is neither more nor less menacing than climate change, but a direct consequence of it.

Growth, electricity, vaccination, and the new administration

By Bienvenido S. Oplas, Jr.
This article will cover four different topics so we go straight to them.