It is about time for South Cotabato to reap the economic benefits from its...

By Ramon L. Clarete
A bout 70 kilometers north of General Santos City is the site of the Tampakan copper project of Sagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI). It has the potential of becoming one of the largest producers of copper in the world. According to its mining resource estimate in 2012, Tampakan has 2,940 million metric tons of resources, containing 15 million tons of copper.


By Andrew J. Masigan
Baby Boomers are fading, Gen Xers are aging, and Generation Z is rising. Companies intending to be serious players in the retail landscape must turn their eyes to the Generation Z market.

The Prince of Wales and his discontents

By Martin Ivens
IN GEORGE BERNARD SHAW’s prophetic comedy, The Apple Cart, a fictional King Magnus fights an attempt by Prime Minister Proteus to deprive him of the right to influence public opinion through the press. He wants a cipher for a sovereign.

The independence they fought for

By Luis V. Teodoro
The 124th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence came and went in the midst of an information crisis. That crisis has prevented the making of the independently minded, informed, and politically engaged mass of citizens any society with democratic pretensions needs to understand its problems, and to propose and be part of the solutions to them.

Goodbye Internet Explorer. You won’t be missed (but your legacy will be remembered)

By Mohiuddin Ahmed, M Imran Malik, and Paul Haskell-Dowland
After 27 years, Microsoft has finally bid farewell to the web browser Internet Explorer, and will redirect Explorer users to the latest version of its Edge browser.

Is Putin’s war more like WWI or WWII?

By Andreas Kluth
BEWARE the “lessons of history” as drawn by charlatans, ignoramuses, or tyrants, for they will be daft, wrong, and possibly disastrous. The self-serving amateur historiography of Russian President Vladimir Putin is an example.

Mining our waste

By Marvin Tort
Late last year my wireless printer at home broke down. It needed a new printer head. Other than that, everything else with the printer still worked well.

Here comes the Son

By Romeo L. Bernardo
I am pleased to share excerpts from our Globalsource Partners quarterly forecast report (May 31), the summary page, and the concluding political section. GSP ( is a subscriber supported network of independent analysts in emerging market countries providing macro, financial and political risks analysis and forecast based in New York. Christine Tang and I are their Philippine Advisers.

Empire ambitions

By Philip Ella Juico
The invasion of Ukraine launched by Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin continues without let up four months since it started on Feb. 24.

The honeymoon period

By Tony Samson
THE first hundred days of a new administration are used as an indicator of its policy priorities, style of decision-making, and political value system.

Regaining economic strength under the Marcos presidency

By Victor Andres C. Manhit
President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. has bared the names of the individuals who will lead his economic team. They are technocrats with a demonstrated track record of competence and credibility.

The state of mass housing

By Bernardo M. Villegas
We can only dream about solving our housing crisis the way Singapore did. Already very much a First World Country in the 2020s, Singapore’s public housing is located in new towns, in communities that are intended to be self-contained, with services near housing blocks and with housing either owned by or rented to residents.
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