Europe casts its lot in the Indo-Pacific Region

Last week, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Manila sponsored my attendance and participation at the Prague High-level Dialogue on the Indo-Pacific, held in the historic city of Prague on June 13 and 14.

The state of mass housing: The multiplier effect

Given reasonable fiscal incentives under the Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises (CREATE) Act, housing developers can face a very attractive mass market for affordable housing.

For Malaysia, this is no game of chicken

TO GET A HANDLE on the forces disrupting the global food supply chain, a small chicken processing plant on the outskirts of Malaysia’s biggest metro area isn’t a bad place to start. There, it’s clear that getting produce from point to point isn’t just a logistics challenge but a matter of national pride.

Demand management

I was listening to outgoing Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) President and incoming Trade and Industry Secretary Fred Pascual on TV the other day and was pleasantly surprised that he believed in managing demand to address the current challenges of a high import food bill.

Menardo Guevarra: The President’s good servant

The Task Force Against Corruption (TFAC) headed by the Department of Justice (DoJ) recently launched an anti-corruption campaign to bolster the government’s battle against corruption. The campaign called upon the public to have the courage to call out all forms of corruption.

Taxes, cement, electricity and land transportation

Last week, there were a number of developments in these four subjects or sectors: taxes, cement, electricity and land transportation.

AI’s hold over humans is starting to get stronger

IT HAS BEEN an exasperating week for computer scientists. They’ve been falling over each other to publicly denounce claims from Google engineer Blake Lemoine, chronicled in a Washington Post report, that his employer’s language-predicting system was sentient and deserved all of the rights associated with consciousness.

The comfort of the echo chamber

The dust has started to settle after the 2022 national elections. Many have offered their post-mortems after an intense and divisive campaign. Now, the question is: How can we move forward?

It is about time for South Cotabato to reap the economic benefits from its...

A bout 70 kilometers north of General Santos City is the site of the Tampakan copper project of Sagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI). It has the potential of becoming one of the largest producers of copper in the world. According to its mining resource estimate in 2012, Tampakan has 2,940 million metric tons of resources, containing 15 million tons of copper.


Baby Boomers are fading, Gen Xers are aging, and Generation Z is rising. Companies intending to be serious players in the retail landscape must turn their eyes to the Generation Z market.

The Prince of Wales and his discontents

IN GEORGE BERNARD SHAW’s prophetic comedy, The Apple Cart, a fictional King Magnus fights an attempt by Prime Minister Proteus to deprive him of the right to influence public opinion through the press. He wants a cipher for a sovereign.

The independence they fought for

The 124th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence came and went in the midst of an information crisis. That crisis has prevented the making of the independently minded, informed, and politically engaged mass of citizens any society with democratic pretensions needs to understand its problems, and to propose and be part of the solutions to them.
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