"PawiCan" in San Juan, La Union

Athena, an executive assistant firm, partnered with the local government unit of La Union to deploy turtle-shaped bins in the Urbiztondo, San Juan areas frequented by tourists and remote workers.

Designed by visual artist John Parmisano, the turtle bins are part of the Pawi-CAN Sustainability Project, which aims to promote responsible garbage disposal and environmental protection.

The April 22, 2024 launch also had a coral reef planting workshop facilitated by EcoSurf.

The project’s partners are the San Juan Resort and Hotel Association Inc (SJRRHASS), Urbiz Garden, Dragon 8 Junkshop, ECOSURF Program Fostering Education and Environmental Development Inc (FEED, INC), Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions (CURMA), La Union Soul, and the local government unit of San Juan, La Union.