SHIPTEK SOLUTIONS Corp. officially launched XLog, an online platform that will streamline and smoothen logistics processes.
“XLog is an end-to-end digital logistics platform that help you book, monitor, and manage your shipments,” Nico Gonzales, chief marketing officer of Shiptek, said at the launch on Tuesday.
XLog, accessible via, is a Filipino-made cloud-based web application that lets users directly transact with service providers, reducing costs. This is supported its shared communication platform which allows shippers and logistics suppliers to contact each other.
“By going direct to certain service providers, it can make the costs a bit lower…which we allow through the platform,” Mr. Gonzales told reporters.
Mr. Gonzales said that through the direct transaction of business to shippers, costs can be reduced by at least 10% to 25%.
“By going directly, you might not have the luxury of being able to use a freight forwarder, for example because wala ka gaanong karaming pera (you do not have that much money) to spend, and we all know that…freight forwarders, ‘yung model nila (their model) is really a cost-plus model na pumapatong ng (that adds) around 10% to 25% yung mina-mark-up nila versus sa service na binibili mo (the service you are buying),” Mr. Gonzales told BusinessWorld.
“So, by being able to go…direct to a shipping line, all of a sudden bumabagsak yung cost (the cost will fall). That’s where we see probably mga (around) 10% to 25% that can help savings for SMEs and businesses that can’t afford the luxury of using a freight forwarder,” he added.
Other features of the platform include online booking from logistics provider from shipping, storage, trucking and customs brokerages. Financial transactions can also be done in the platform and access to invoices and bank transaction reconciliations are also provided to users. It also features real-time GPS monitoring of shipments and a centralized document storage system, among others.
“What sets us apart from these companies…we’re not actually competing with these logistics companies. What we created here is a platform that will help these companies expand their business further… These companies can register and come into the platform and offer their services,” Joey Ynion, chief operating officer of Shiptek, told reporters.
Shiptek had talks with the Bureau of Customs (BoC) to provide the agency with the platform for use in their operations. However, with the current leadership issues in the bureau, discussion were halted, but Mr. Gonzales is hopeful that discussions can start again to implement the platform and hopefully help address smuggling issues and fast-track transactions through transparency.
Come January, the homegrown software company targets XLog’s full launch. Five years from now, they are targeting to be a global company.
“Hopefully, by that time…this becomes a standard tool for logistics companies and shippers, importers exporters alike. This will become their standard tool for day-to-day operations…for monitoring all their shipments…. We will be constantly evolving, as well. Constantly adding features that the market may need,” Mr. Gonzales said. — V.M.P. Galang