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Not a Daydream, a women-led social enterprise, creates bags made out of native fabric. More important, it gives women in vulnerable communities in Tondo, Manila, a sustainable means of earning a living. In this episode of B-Side, BusinessWorld reporter Joseph L. Garcia speaks with Martine de Leeuw, co-owner of Not a Daydream, about running a social enterprise during the pandemic and the impact of female labor force participation on development. 


‘Empowered women empower women.’

Mothers who earn a sustainable income through Not a Daydream are setting an example for their daughters. “Our daily business is driven by our mission, which is ‘empowered women empower women.’” said Ms. de Leeuw. “If you learn a skill, you can work on it. And I think that’s the way we can change poverty.”

Slow fashion means ‘consuming consciously.’

In contrast to fast fashion—trendy but disposable items that are symptomatic of “throwaway culture”—slow fashion emphasizes sustainability. “It’s not about consuming more, but it’s about consuming consciously,” said Ms. de Leeuw.  

A social enterprise is mission-based.

“I really believe that you can combine doing business and doing good,” said Ms. de Leeuw, who added there are numerous existing models that demonstrate how a social enterprise should be built and run. “Transparency is key.”


This B-Side episode was recorded remotely on March 3. Produced by Paolo L. Lopez and Sam L. Marcelo.

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