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The metaverse, a virtual world that relies on technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, is seen as the next big thing by companies like Meta, as it is seen to change the way we work and connect with each other.

“It’s the virtual equivalent of being together. It’s going to be as close as possible to that,” John Rubio, country director of Meta Philippines, said at the BusinessWorld Virtual Economic Forum on May 26. “Imagine a world where you could go back to a different place in a different time and actually experience that. Imagine how immersive that could be.”

Carrying the theme “Revolutions 2022: Navigating the Changed World,” the two-day event highlighted the changes shaping the world after the pandemic.

This B-Side episode features the audio recording of Mr. Rubio’s fireside chat. Read the related story: “Metaverse touted as means to democratize access to technology.

Produced by Earl R. Lagundino and Sam L. Marcelo.

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