BENTLEY Motors announced its Continental GT in 2018 collected numerous awards from international organizations.
The model received 19 recognitions from publications in China, Germany, Russia and its home market, the UK, among others, according to Bentley.
It noted style experts, like GQ magazine, picked the Continental GT for its “Best Interior (And Possibly Exterior)” award. The car maker quoted the magazine: “Bentley’s challenge was to locate the sweet spot where hi-tech intersects with fabulous luxury. Challenge met.”
Bentley said Top Gear, by naming the Continental grand tourer “GT of the Year,” cited the car’s depth of engineering. It noted the publication also described the car as “simply one of the most complete GT cars on the planet,” and that the magazine also praised its composure on road as it makes it “easier than ever to thread through the tricky bits.”
In the inaugural News UK Motor Awards, which counts among its members the Times and Sun, Bentley said the Continental GT was named “Luxury Car of the Year.” The car maker said the awards” judges recognized that “the model’s cabin feels as sumptuously appointed as the Princess Grace Suite at the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo,” and that “unlike many sports cars, you’ll arrive feeling as relaxed as when the journey started.”
Bentley said the Continental GT also clinched “Best Interior” and “Best Exterior Premium Brand” in the German Design Awards; “Grand Tourer of the Year” by Sohu Auto in China; and “Best Grand Tourer for travelling in Europe” by Russian title, Prime Traveller.
Adrian Hallmark, chairman and chief executive at Bentley Motors, said regarding the citations: “The experts around the world have spoken, and they all agree we’ve created the finest Grand Tourer. I’m delighted that the car has received such a high level of recognition.”
Since it was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, the third generation Continental GT, according to Bentley, has become a statement of grand touring excellence, “combining supercar performance with limousine-like refinement and luxury.”
Propelling the Continental GT is a 6.0-liter W12 engine that, through two turbochargers, produces 635hp and 900Nm. An eight-speed dual-clutch transmission sends the output over to all four wheels.