Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) supplier Solane seized P113,480 worth of illegally refilled tanks and other items in two Albay municipalities last month, the brand said through its public relations agency on Friday.

It confiscated 48 LPG tanks in Libon and Polangui, Albay in two operations, it said in a statement issued by Rebel Marketing, the PR agency for Solane LPG under Isla LPG Corp.

Forty-four illegally refilled tanks worth P110,000, a marked P1,000 bill and a transaction receipt worth P860 were seized in Libon on Feb. 5. On the same day.

Solane also seized four illegally refilled Solane cylinders, a P1000 marked bill, a transaction receipt of P870 and other pieces of evidence worth P3,480 in the village of. Magurang in Polangui.

Solane asked consumers to report counterfeit LPGs to protect their lives and homes. Illegally sourced tanks may leak that could lead to fires and explosions, it added.

The LPG supplier said the public should only buy verified Solane tanks from authorized dealers. A verified Solane tank has the exact amount of pure LPG, with about 11.5 to to 15 kilos depending on the valve used.

Each verified Solane tank is protected against leakages and is thoroughly inspected from production to distribution, it added. — Angelica Y. Yang