Webinar program slides (Photo credits to SRPOST)
  • SRPOST, together with KOTRA, hosts a webinar on Smart city
  • Promotes knowledge sharing between Philippine and Korean institutions through Global Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) program

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) Manila, a commercial section of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines, held a webinar on Smart City last June 25, 2021, via Zoom, together with SRPOST, a South Korean software development company. From the Philippine side, this webinar was co-organized by the Clark Development Corp. (CDC) and participated by Filinvest, and Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and its subsidiaries. Attended by more than 70 people from relevant organizations and agencies, Philippine and Korean companies and agencies shared their knowledge and experiences on Smart City throughout the webinar.

KOTRA, a South Korean government agency promoting trade and investment between the Philippines and Korea, also supports the Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. Through various types of CSR activities, KOTRA not only creates business opportunities for companies but also helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for local communities.

During the webinar, KOTRA discussed the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) as well as the CSR Project. This was followed by the presentations of Clark and New Clark City by the representatives from CDC and BCDA. Furthermore, SRPOST, Seoul Urban Solutions Agency (SUSA), and Samsung SDS also shared their experiences on Smart City with the audience.

Rynah F. Ventura, CDC vice-president, congratulated this successful webinar saying that “this knowledge exchange session brought forth ideas and avenues for future cooperation between CDC and other potential partners from Korea, as we altogether endeavor to create smarter cities after this pandemic.” According to SRPOST CEO Oh Chang Yong, through this CSR event, cooperation directions between the two countries were confirmed to be citizen participation platforms, smart city, and intelligent digital government. “For this, it is important to continue bilateral research on the applications of the fourth industrial revolution technologies, including AI, Big Data, Blockchain, and Cloud,” said Mr. Oh.

Myongsoo Kim, director-general of KOTRA Manila, added, “The COVID-19 pandemic initiated a sudden and dramatic digital transformation in the society. Smart City has gained greater importance in this pandemic era. Out of crises, new business opportunities can emerge, and we will continue to make efforts to connect experienced Korean companies to Philippine institutions and buyers.”