Tech competition for women returns to the Philippines

She Loves Tech, a competition for women and technology is returning to the Philippines through its partnership with QBO Innovation Hub. Scheduled for October, the...

Impact Hackathon 2020 seeks to support innovative solutions to pressing social...

By Patricia B. Mirasol Impact Hub Manila (IHM) brings back its Impact Hackathon this year in the virtual space to find and support digital innovations...

Working (out) from home? Four reasons to start exercising during the...

SparkUp’s fitness and lifestyle development columnist Ryan Fermin explains why the best thing you can do for your health and productivity during this quarantine period is to incorporate exercise into your workday.

Remember this when you decide to pursue love as a career

“Rio could have stuck it out with her streetwear brand. At the time, business was good. But because it wasn’t good for the environment, it wasn’t good enough.”

Switching gears: Celeste Cafe and Cycles throws coffee into the mix

Celeste Cafe and Cycles serves as one-stop shop for coffee and cycling products

Five reasons to drop the weights and get into OCR this...

Overcoming challenges (both literal and figurative) with obstacle course racing.

Traditional art, social media smarts: Marius Black’s hopeful, woodblock Manila

How social media changed the game for this traditional artist.

L’Oréal Philippines relaunches grant for Filipino women in science

L’Oréal - UNESCO grant to empower female scientist, researchers.

Hello, hallyu: The meteoric rise of K-pop

The fame, fortune, and fans fueling the K-pop revolution.

Four not-so-starving artists on making art and making a living

Four artists on making a living doing what they love.

Set yourself up for success: Goal-setting for wellness

How to set the right kind of goals for maximum results.

Exercises for the professional on-the-go

Convenient workouts for the busy worker.

Is your workforce fit for work?

If you really want to fight workplace burnout, the only real strategy is to boost those energy levels. And that’s through exercise.

How The Lost Bread left the food park and found its...

What started out as a test run in the Quezon city’s busy Maginhawa street is now open for franchising.

With Art Beat 3, is Tagaytay the next Malasimbo?

Local bands and artists are flocking to the south.

Chocolate and cheese: your new favorite pairing

The foodstuff rarely written about by poets is taking a step closer to being romanticized.

Podcasts to help you keep a healthy mind

Lower your stress levels with Spotify.

Bandwagon’s Clarence Chan on music, business and the future

The 32-year-old doesn’t come across as your typical CEO.

Workout habits of startup founders

Because what good is success if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it?

A guide to the Silicon Valley diet craze called 5:2

Five days of normal eating followed by two days of eating only 500 calories.

Learn about Philippine architecture with iMake History Fortress

Students recreate old Intramuros with LEGOs.

Your itinerary for Visita Iglesia in Intramuros

Follow the Catholic practice of Lent at historic Intramuros.

The business of microcinemas

Behind the curtains of Cinema Centenario and Black Maria Cinema.

A gastronomic journey through Binondo, curated by a startup

Consider Tralulu’s five‑hour food crawl in Asia’s oldest Chinatown for ₱1,200.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is coming

Two million books will be offered nonstop from 9 a.m. of Feb. 16 to 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 25.

Composing fates

In Accidents of Composition, Bobis explores often visceral experiences in her poetry; how global events and natural calamities have changed the course of human lives to the seemingly invisible events in a kitchen foretelling a historical event.

Here’s how you can score a year’s supply of Tsuta ramen!

The world’s first Michelin‑starred ramen restaurant is opening in Manila and prizes await the first 100 in line.

Consumer self‑care packet: Holiday Cheer

A little insight on where you should spend your Christmas bonus, that will leave you feeling revived.

Weekend Watch: Ballet Manila’s Snow White

In the words of prima ballerina Lisa Macuja‑Elizalde, ballet is a perfect art form to retell fairy tales.

Bad day? Here’s how you can show up fresh for work...

If you find it humanly impossible to find inner peace, why not start from the outside and pull the glow in?

Get Woke! Active Vista Human Rights Festival

Active Vista celebrates the days leading to Human Rights Day with these indie film screenings.

Self‑care Packet Vol. 6: Breathe

We’re all thrilled about the historical passage of the Comprehensive Mental Health Act in the House of Representatives. Here are little things you can do to celebrate.

Heads up, guys! The House just passed the Comprehensive Mental Health...

The House of Representatives approved today House Bill 6452 with 223 affirmative votes, no negative votes and zero abstentions.

Five Things to Know about the Philippine Mental Health Community

Here are five things to know about the incredibly diverse Philippine mental health community.

Weekend Watch: Ikarus Theatre Collaborative’s Bastion

Marikina‑based theater stages a play that questions just how far you’ll go to survive.

Eight reasons why the Mental Health Law must be passed ASAP

This Christmas season, mental health professionals and advocates alike have only one thing on their wish list: the passage of a Philippine Mental Health Law.

The fully booked romance storytelling session that Filipinos are swooning over

A 400‑strong Facebook group is dedicating itself to romance, Their storytelling sessions get crowded.

How Philippine art differs from our ASEAN neighbors’

Our historical background makes us distinct from our ASEAN neighbors, but Philippine visual art has no singular aesthetic.

REVIEW: H&M Beauty

H&M brought in its new line of beauty products to the Philippines last month. This is what we think.

Makati Shangri‑La’s super genius hacks for leftovers

For World Food Day, the chefs of Makati Shangri‑La shared some recipes.

Self‑care Packet Vol. 5: Set a date with yourself

Meditate on Spotify, take your vitamins, catch a free Danish movie. Refer to our guide.

Pro tips on how to take best travel photos

World renowned landscape photographer Elia Locardi shared some tips on how you can take good photos the next time you fly and travel.

What’s in a cup of coffee?

A quick look into the drink that starts our day.

A rum brand puts up “Sugarlandia” for anniversary celebration

Chat Noir Co. Inc., the company behind premium rum Don Papa Rum, paid homage to the island of Negros Occidental during its fifth anniversary by putting up the magical land of “Sugarlandia.”

Dark Sunshine in Silay

The first installment of the Sacred Circle Series, “Ang Lihim ng Nakasimangot na Maskara” is a story that blends mystery, history, the supernatural, and action.

Outside the birb cage: a sneak peek into Misa’s first‑ever comic

Misa, a known artist in the anime community, is now ready to take on the local comic scene.

Self‑care Packet Vol. 4: Pig‑me‑up

Bed weather. Get up and started with these self‑care suggestions.

In Liwanag, history bears heavy on both the Filipino and the...

In telling the story of a people’s struggle, there is an effortlessness in the way Liwanag tells the story.

The Vamps and New Hope Club will be here All Night

The British bands will be singing their hearts out at the newest Quezon City mall catering to millennials.

Balangiga revisited in film, or Khavn’s ‘intimate epic’

His latest project tackles an ancient chapter of Philippine history which has found resonance in the anti‑American posturing of Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

Self‑care Packet Vol. 3: Keep calm and carry on

Suggestions to soothe your wretched soul.

Here’s how to have your Instax, and filters too

The Fujifilm Instax SQ‑10 and Mini 9 are replacing your Instagram photos.

Money, rhymes, and respect

Award‑winning movie “Respeto” won several awards during the 2017 Cinemalaya Film Festival: Best Feature Length Film, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Best Supporting Actor.

Self‑care Packet Vol. 2: Rejuvenation Mix

After a rollercoaster week, take a break with these suggestions.

Taking you down with Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus

Music and the macabre interplay in the music of horror rock band Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus.

Baht trip

A touring couple gets the shock of their lives at a Thai food kiosk.

Self‑care Packet Vol. 1: September Fog

Amid the frantic pace of modern life, take some slim Oreos, 90s a capella music, budget‑friendly counseling and more.

Dried mangoes, Marawi fundraisers: Filipinos’ K‑Pop craze

The Filipino audience of K‑Pop is a niche—as much as K‑Pop’s global audience is still a niche—but it’s a niche that is highly profitable.

Silence engulfs Manila

The 11th International Silent Film Festival Manila will run from August 31 to September 3, 2017 at the Shangri‑La Plaza in Mandaluyong.

Manila through the lens of artists

The exhibit “Manila: Hidden in Plain Sight” at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, which runs until August 26, features the infamous urban jungle.


A nod to Apple’s now‑extinct iPod Nano.

L’Oreal’s game‑changing mobile beauty school

The beauty giant provided a free three‑month certified hairdressing training for women in vulnerable social or economic situations.

10 quotes from Maureen Wroblewitz on landing success in the age...

Fresh off her Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5 win, 19‑year‑old Maureen Wroblewitz sits down with SparkUp at her recent meet‑andߛgreet at SM Makati, sharing tips for success that have nothing to do with physical beauty.

Guess who’s back?

An American retail giant is back with a vengeance—and a collaboration with A$AP Rocky.

Old books for fresh eyes

“The Book Stop Project” and “The Library of Unread Books” are open in Manila’s oldest districts this July for readers in search of calm.

Vegan, gluten‑free manicure

Nail polish giant Orly has launched a “healing” formula that will disrupt lacquer tradition.

SM’s got it all, even Maureen Wroblewitz

The Filipino‑German winner of Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 will be making an appearance on July 22, and we got all the deets here.

Design students are helping artists with autism earn from their paintings

“They have a different way of looking at the world and it is manifested in their art”

QC aims to be the future ‘wellness capital of Asia’

Quezon City is boosting its medical tourism in order to become a bastion of healthy living.

A smartphone is sponsoring the 2018 FIFA World Cup

And it will have a digital impact.

Circus training is changing the lives of victims of sexual abuse

“It was like I found myself again. I regained my identity.”

The first‑ever Philippine film to play at Cannes is up on...

Put Netflix to rest tonight. Instead, watch this film that’ll keep you woke.

The dreamy life of a VIP personal shopper

Aimee Hashim, the famous personal shopper of celebrities, talks about her luxury trading business and her first job.