GLOBE Telecom, Inc. and its digital entertainment arm, Kroma Entertainment, will continue its partnership with Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) to fight illegal streaming and downloading of pirated content in the Philippines.

“Rampant online piracy is a lingering problem, posing a danger to the viability of businesses and the livelihood of content creators, and also exposing users to malware and other online threats,” Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Reynaldo M. Bonifacio said in a press release on Monday.

The Ayala-led telco said that the country needs to strengthen and revise the intellectual property code to fight content piracy.

“As a member of AVIA’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), Globe supported the organization’s recent Digital Piracy Summit, which highlighted the need to revise the country’s Intellectual Property (IP) Code through proposed House Bill No. 0799,” Globe said.

The legislation gives the IP code of the Philippines greater regulatory powers against online piracy.

“Proposed amendments will empower regulators with ‘permanent blocking orders, takedown orders, cease-and-desist or disable access orders’ against offenders,” Globe said.

Jil Bausa-Go, head of Kroma’s broadcast and publishing, said that piracy remains a threat in the content creation industry given that the internet is accessible to almost everyone.

“We have numerous creators and stakeholders in Kroma whose livelihood depends on how effective the laws against digital piracy are. So, we strongly support legislation that will institutionalize the blocking of pirated sites,” Ms. Bausa-Go said.

Globe’s anti-piracy initiatives are in line with its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which underscores the role of infrastructure and innovation in development.

On Monday, shares in Globe closed 1.04% higher at P2,140 apiece. — Ashley Erika O. Jose