REVOLUTION Precrafted has struck a deal with Central Country Estate, Inc. (CCEI) for the construction of prefabricated homes in a 70-hectare development in Pampanga.

In a statement issued late Thursday, the local startup that develops prefabricated designer homes said it will be investing $115.4 million to build over 7,100 prefabricated homes in The Lakeshore in Mexico, Pampanga. Revolution Precrafted expects more than $345 million in revenues from the project, including the sale of prefabricated homes and pop-up retail stores.

The company describes the project, dubbed Revolution Flavorscapes at Lakeshore, as the “first livable food park” as it would house pop-up stores featuring cuisines from 200 countries.

“We all love food and we believe that there should be a community meant for all our foodies. The world’s first livable food park concept is another fresh concept which continues our tradition of bringing industry-first and world-first projects,” Revolution Precrafted founder and Chief Executive Officer Jose Roberto Antonio said in a statement.

CCEI will be building what it calls a FamiLeisure hub which will include a community swimming pool, a “drive-by” cinema, museums, spas, and a sports center.

“We will develop the property to ensure that there will be ample open spaces, where the residents can run, hike, and engage leisure activities. We are very excited about the project and we will reveal the new amenities in the coming months,” CCEI Managing Director Brian John Mangio said in the statement.

Once CCEI completes its development, Revolution Precrafted will bring in the prefabricated homes which will be installed in the community. There will be three types of units in the community, the smallest of which is Revolution Alcove, 48-square meter townhouses, priced at P1.8 million.

The 60-sq.m. single attached units called Revolution Cocoon will be priced at P2.16 million, while the 72-sq.m. Revolution Next units will be sold at P2.52 million.

The retail pop stores will cost P6.2 million each.

Other highlights in the masterplanned community include a Museum of Ice Cream, Museum of Candy, a Chocolate Gallery, and microbrewery surrounded by a beer garden.

The company noted that the development is located near the Clark International Airport, which is expected to increase economic activity in the area.

Revolution Precrafted said it will take it three years to develop the masterplanned community after starting this year.

Revolution Precrafted is a local startup that has garnered so-called “unicorn” status, meaning that it has managed to quickly increase its market value to over $1 billion. It pools together architects, artists, and designers for the creation of prefabricated livable spaces. — Arra B. Francia