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For investors and retail experts, REITs is a powerful tool for investments, especially in building and diversifying balanced portfolios, as well as strengthening your financial future. Currently, REITs is becoming the center of attraction as more companies are looking into it as a funding option for growing businesses and enterprises.

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are companies that invest and manage real estate in various sectors. According to the leading wealth management firm Charles Stanley Group, REITs is where investors can buy and sell their shares, and makes property investments more convenient and more accessible.

“Commercial property investments can provide a high and potentially rising rental income and some capital growth over the long term. REITs often have long-term lease agreements with tenants, which can help to make rental income and dividends paid relatively reliable,” Charles Stanley Group says on the role REITs plays in an investor’s portfolio.

According to Grit Philippines, a Philippine-based online platform on personal finance and entrepreneurship, investing in real estate is worth it but many Filipinos are having second thoughts the moment they think about investments but REITs are here to help them as an alternative funding option.

The following are some the leading REITs in the Philippines that investors can look into.

Ayala Land Inc. (AREIT)

The country’s first REIT, Ayala Land REIT (AREIT) is a subsidiary of the country’s leading property developer Ayala Land Inc., which has three commercial buildings covering 152,756 meters in Manila. At the core of its services, AREIT is helping investors and the Philippine market in diversifying their investment portfolios by giving investors the opportunity in obtaining their own real estate, generate incomes via dividends, and help foster economic growth.

“With the Ayala Land REIT, we hope to provide investors with a solid investment instrument. It is aligned with the best REIT practices in the region. As a company, AREIT will embody Ayala Land’s time-honored principle of corporate governance. This is a commitment to our shareholders in ALI (Ayala Land, Inc.) and now to our shareholders in AREIT,” ALI Chairman Fernando Zobel de Ayala said in his speech at AREIT’s landmark listing ceremony in 2020.

Robinsons Land REIT (RCR)

Robinsons Land Corp., another leading real estate developer in the Philippines, has established its own real estate investment trust called Robinsons Land REIT (RCR) which focuses on strengthening the office building business, especially with physical offices being back in business as we step into the new normal brought by the pandemic.

Another aspect of RCR’s success is the location of its REIT properties, which is why they are big in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector which occupy the majority of their commercial properties located through business districts. With this, RCR is focusing more on establishing BPO-focused projects, as they become the core of their business.

According to Grit PH, Robinsons Land has already established a name in the REIT Philippine market, being known for having the largest REIT in asset size, covering a large portion of territory, having the longest land leases, and having a forecasted dividend yield of above 5.96%.

Filinvest REIT Corp. (FILRT)

Another leading REIT in the Philippines is the real estate investment trust of Filinvest Land Inc., also known as Filinvest REIT Corp. (FILRT). As one of the biggest property developers in the country, Filinvest Land is known for its well-established portfolio in areas of residential, industrial, and retail developments. On top of that, FILRT puts sustainability as a core of its services.

Additionally, as a strategic approach, FILRT plans to expand central business districts in the metro and in major regional hubs in the Philippines, which the company describes as the perfect locations that will have high and stable occupancy rates of real estate properties that generate incomes.

Megaworld Corp. (MREIT)

A subsidiary of one of the most prominent property developers, Megaworld Corp., MREIT owns offices and buildings that are used in various sectors.

The business has established itself as a reliable sponsor by putting high-quality assets that are substantial and are managed by experts in the industry. In addition, it identifies upscale buildings in prime locations that generate income that is consistent with tenant revenues and occupancy rates. For instance, MREIT covers hotels, offices, and retails.

Citicore Energy REIT (CREIT)

The first and only REIT focusing on renewable energy, Citicore Energy REIT (CREIT) is a company that operates a portfolio that generates income from renewable energy and real estate properties, including solar plants in various regions in the Philippines. CREIT has earned its reputation by building sustainable prime land and solar assets in its renewable energy projects portfolio.

CREIT is considered a smart investment, especially for companies who are looking into expand their green revenues as it contains an extensive group of synergies, is pioneering in sustainable investing, obtains a superior operational track, and can harness the increasing demand for renewable energy. — Angela Kiara S. Brillantes