Why banks should reconsider their lending approach to MSMEs

THE COUNTRY’S small enterprises have been the backbone of the economy but their access to credit to grow their business has been challenging.

How MSMEs can be protected from predatory lenders

JESSICA DELA, 60, got a bank loan to start her liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) franchise.

High-tech digital bank with human touch: A Q&A with GoTyme Bank

MEETING between strong minds of Gokongwei group of companies and Tyme group, digital bank GoTyme Bank was formed and conceived its “phygital” model, a combination of a well-established digital system with physical and human banking.

Stubborn inflation, high borrowing cost dampened markets in Q3

HIGH INFLATION, expensive borrowing costs continued to affect local financial markets in the third quarter, signaling volatility to persist for the rest of the year. 

Bank stocks thrive amid higher-for-longer policy rates

THE LISTED BANKS continued to flourish, fueled by higher interest rate level despite slowing loan growth in the third quarter, analysts said.

What’s next for digital banking in the country

DIGITAL BANKING in the Philippines is set to revolutionize the country’s financial sector as consumer demand rises, financial institutions adopt new technologies, and the government supports these advancements.

Should you take chances in buying a dream home?

Despite a slowing down economy reeling from stubbornly high inflation, are Filipinos ready to take a chance to buy their dream homes?

High inflation, rate hike pause, economic slowdowns sway markets in Q2

SOFTER global economic growth, high inflation, and the US Federal Reserve’s hawkish stance stirred the domestic financial markets in the second quarter.

Analysts remain bullish on banks

THE listed banks are seen to improve further for the rest of the year, bolstered by high interest rates that could pad their margins, even as their share prices disappointed in the second quarter, analysts said.

Crisis-proofing the Philippine banks

FOR THOSE who lived through the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the fallout in the international banking scene dominated by the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) earlier this year felt like a déjà vu.

Learn to swipe: A Q&A with Credit Card Association of the Philippines

CREDIT CARDS have long been linked to negative thoughts by Filipinos after stories of getting stuck in debt and debt collectors knocking on your houses and calling you nonstop start to spread around. Not only that, the process of acquiring a credit card seems too far-fetched for an average Filipino that most do not even consider getting one assuming that they won’t be given a second thought by credit card companies.

How to properly use that plastic

APPLYING for a credit card is confusing but more questions come once you own one. Luckily, Ms. Salve I. Duplito, president and chief executive...