Learn to swipe: A Q&A with Credit Card Association of the Philippines

CREDIT CARDS have long been linked to negative thoughts by Filipinos after stories of getting stuck in debt and debt collectors knocking on your houses and calling you nonstop start to spread around. Not only that, the process of acquiring a credit card seems too far-fetched for an average Filipino that most do not even consider getting one assuming that they won’t be given a second thought by credit card companies.

How to properly use that plastic

APPLYING for a credit card is confusing but more questions come once you own one. Luckily, Ms. Salve I. Duplito, president and chief executive...

LANDBANK-DBP merger: Philippines’ boon or bane?

THE PROPOSED MERGER of the Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) and Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) has once again come to light in the first quarter of 2023 despite time running out from previous administrations and differences in mandates.

Elevated inflation, rate hikes, bank collapse fears drag markets in Q1

STUBBORN INFLATION, costlier borrowing costs, and US banking sector collapse contagion dragged domestic financial markets in the first three months of the year.

Analysts optimistic on banks’ resiliency

THE COUNTRY’S listed banks remained resilient as the local economy flourished amid a high inflationary and high-interest rate environment in the first quarter of...

How e-wallets bridge the gap between banks and ‘boomers’

WILFRIDO T. GONZALES, a 74-year-old retiree, has no intention of using an electronic wallet (e-wallet) and is strongly against it. However, physically queuing and traveling to places have become quite a challenge for his day and age.

‘No one is perfect’: Inevitability of bank glitches

THE RECENT GLITCHES in the local banking sector brought significant concern to consumers amid increased enhancement of technologically advanced systems to serve consumers.

Empowering rural banks and microfinance through fintech: A Q&A with Oradian

THE GROWING financial technology (fintech) in the Philippines prompted the international software company, Oradian to enter the financial services industry in the country especially in upscaling digitalization efforts of the rural and thrift banks as well as microfinance institutions (MFIs).

High inflation, rate hikes drag financial markets; analysts wary of global recession fears

THE CENTRAL BANK’S monetary policy tightening to combat stubbornly high commodity prices dragged the domestic financial markets last year.

Bank stocks continue to rise amid aggressive interest rate hikes

Listed banks largely grew last year thanks to the central bank’s massive interest rate hikes that improved the lenders’ margins.

Top sports officials meet for the country’s preparation for SEAG

THE COUNTRY’s top sports officials had a meeting Wednesday night and they all agreed on one thing — the ball must start rolling when...

Getting your finances ready for the holidays

“IT’S MORE expensive now. Our grocery expenses before reach P1,500, it doubled now because of the price,” Kaye Nana, a self-employed mother of one, said during an interview, discussing her monthly expenses.
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