Wu Xing Peking Duck

THE CHINESE concept of Wu Xing, which puts the traditional five elements of Chinese philosophy (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) in order, had once been used to explain how the universe moves. Perhaps the concept is alive and well in Clark Marriott’s new restaurant, named Wu Xing (of course).

It’s not a stretch: the restaurant’s chef, Raymond Yeung, has 30 years of experience in Chinese cuisine. Mr. Yeung took a five-year course at the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute in Hong Kong, and was in the first batch of graduates of this course at the school. Mr. Yeung has also traveled across China to draw from the best regional styles. “We tried the different and popular dishes of Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Hong Kong, and got the best of them in developing the menu for Wu Xing,” he said in a release.

Beijing is well-represented in Wu Xing’s flagship product, its Peking Duck. The duck is marinated and roasted in a traditional Beijing oven using star apple firewood to help bring out the flavors and aroma of the duck. This makes the meat extra tender and the skin crispy. It’s served with cucumber, onion leeks, pickled ginger, special hoisin sauce, and rolled in a hot Chinese pancake.

Adding to his repertoire are Crispy soft tofu with hoisin sauce, Premium jelly fish with Treasure oil,  Ox tongue and tripe with Sichuan oil, Sliced pork belly with chili oil and garlic, Century egg with marinated pickled ginger, cucumber and black fungus in chili oil, Wok-fried snake beans with salted egg yolk, Clay pot braised spicy duck with beer sauce, Wok-fried sliced duck with black fungus, ginger and leek, Wok-fried duck intestine with black bean sauce, and Lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice with duck meat.

Meanwhile, Clark Marriott General Manager Goeran Soelter said in a statement, “Wu Xing is poised to be the newest dining destination not only for northern Luzon diners but also for Metro Manila. We are bringing authentic and traditional Peking Duck to northern Luzon. We are already a destination for people to staycation coming out of Manila for the weekend. That was our bread and butter for the last 12 months and it really grew in comparison to the period pre-pandemic. Now people have more reasons to make the trip to Clark Marriott.”

Wu Xing is now open at Clark Marriot, Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. For inquiries and table reservations contact +6345-598-5000 or visit its official Facebook page Wu Xing by Clark Marriott. — JLG