THE motor racing program of the country’s biggest auto group recently received a boost with a donation of new cars.

Mazda cars to be used in AAP’s motor sports program
Mazda2 S SkyActiv hatchbacks earmarked for AAP’s Motor Sports Development Program.

Mazda Philippines president and CEO Steven Tan reiterated the company’s commitment not only in discovering new racing talent but also in doing its share in educating the youth on the proper way to drive.

“It is really important to start out learning how to drive well. It is less useful to be criticizing driving on the road because we all have to do our part in teaching people the right way to drive. We are proud to be associated with the AAP in supporting MSDP. It started off small two years ago and now that the program has taken off, we are very encouraged with the results. And this is why we decided to give AAP five fresh Mazda2 cars for them to use in the MSDP,” Mr. Tan said.

For their part, AAP president Augusto C. Lagman and AAP motor sports committee chairman Armando L. Eduque, Jr., said they are “encouraged” by Mazda’s support. Which is “very important” to the MSDP.

“The objective of MSDP is not only to get drivers interested in racing but, more importantly, to make them learn how to drive properly on and off the track,” Mr. Eduque said.

Mazda during the handover also introduced the Jinba Ittai Academy, a program in which proven driving techniques and Mazda’s design and engineering innovations are combined to enhance car control and elevate driving pleasure. Mazda said it plans to expand the program with AAP.