Jojo app
By Denise A. Valdez
A NEW MOBILE application developed by a local start-up company aims to join the growing industry of mobile-integrated logistics shipping.
First Shoshin Holdings, Inc. is launching on Friday the Jojo app, which allows transporters — from commuters to drivers — to deliver packages that would fit their metro travel.
Similar to other shipping mobile applications, Jojo connects a sender to a transporter through the platform to send a package from point to point without going to a traditional courier.
However, unlike other mobile apps, Jojo allows ordinary transporters such as commuters to work as couriers part-time by not requiring a motorcycle or a car to register.
“If you’re heading somewhere, be a Jojo and turn your commute into extra cash by delivering items on your way,” the company said in a statement distributed during its media launch on Tuesday.

 Jose Maria “Jay” R. Fajardo, the chief strategy officer of the firm behind the Jojo app, said the company’s vision is to find a way to monetize time wasted in traffic.

“When you look at the road every day with thousands of people on their cars, trains and buses, you will realize we have an invisible and untapped logistics and supply chain resource interconnected by the people and all the places they go. This benefits commuters, senders and entrepreneurs, creating a more efficient and sustainable way to ship,” Mr. Fajardo said.
While the operations of Jojo will be limited to within Metro Manila for now with just about 60 transporters on its base before launch, he said the firm’s goal is to eventually expand outside this area. The company also targets to have 18,000 app users by next month.
Packages sent through the Jojo app must fit the size of an average large backpack, but the company said it may adjust this limit accordingly in the coming months, depending on the demand it observes from the market.
The Jojo app ensures the security of its transporters and the packages senders would hand in by using a global positioning system tracker to trace every delivery. It also offers a package insurance of up to P5,000.