MEDIXSERVE, IN partnership with Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), has officially launched AMBERLab, a university-based blockchain education and research laboratory.
In a statement, MediXserve said AMBERLab will serve as a place for further research on the blockchain technology, mainly for its use in developing countries.
The lab will generate prototypes, develop trainings and curricula and allow blockchain experts to cooperate and develop more uses of the technology for health, finance and insurance, government, economics and social enterprise, among others.
It is also open for research proposals and funds that will contribute to the development of blockchain technology.
“Our motivation in establishing this research laboratory is that blockchain supports our vision in maximizing ICT for nation-building. Most of the current services do not reach the underserved. And if it does, the cost is too high for an ordinary Filipino to receive its full benefits. To transform ICT solutions into blockchain technology, we eliminate layers of transactions, which mean lower cost of service delivery. This means that we are able to do more and serve more,” AMBERLab Head Regina E. Estuar was quoted as saying in the statement..
Other than research, the lab will also provide education programs and hold events. It aims to become a development center for blockchain-based startups.
MediXserves utilizes the latest International Business Machines (IBM) Hyperledger Fabric technology that creates a permission-based distributed ledger and provides solutions for industries that need to comply with data protection regulations.
The company aims to bring affordable health care to everyone, most especially to developing countries like the Philippines. Through AMBERLab the blockchain technology can be fully utilized to deliver such services.
“Blockchain is such a raw technology that companies require people, money and resource to go into research and development. ‘It takes a village’ to make meaningful R&D results. MediXserve now has access to a large set of scientific and academic community to work on innovative products,” Jorge C. Azurin, founder and CEO of MediXserve, said in the statement. — VMPG