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Google breakup seen needed to end antitrust law violations

WASHINGTON — The US sued Google on Tuesday, accusing the $1-trillion company of illegally using its market muscle to hobble rivals in the biggest challenge to the power and influence of Big Tech in decades.

With the Feds circling, Google is starting to play nice with...

Small rivals of Alphabet Inc.’s Google say signs are emerging of more benevolent behavior from the online advertising leader amid accusations by the US government and states that the company uses its dominance to thwart competition.

US lawmakers detail Big Tech’s market abuses and press for strict...

A US House of Representatives panel looking into abuses of market power by four big technology companies found they used “killer acquisitions” to smite rivals, charged exorbitant fees, and forced small businesses into “oppressive” contracts in the name of profit.

Google aims to run on carbon-free energy by 2030

OAKLAND, Calif. — Alphabet Inc.’s Google aims to power its data centers and offices 24-7 using solely carbon-free electricity by 2030, its chief executive told Reuters, building on its previous goal of matching its energy use with 100% renewable energy.

Google, Facebook dump plans for US-Hong Kong undersea cable

Google and Facebook Inc. dropped plans for an undersea cable between the US and Hong Kong after the Trump administration said Beijing might use the link to collect information on Americans.

Fitbit unveils stress-tracking smartwatch with Google deal pending

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA — Fitbit, Inc. on Tuesday unveiled a fitness tracker and two smartwatches, including one that purports to help monitor users’ stress levels, as the company’s pending sale to Alphabet, Inc.’s Google remains mired in antitrust reviews globally.

Google pulls 2,500 China-linked YouTube channels over disinformation

Google says it has deleted more than 2,500 YouTube channels tied to China as part of its effort to weed out disinformation on the...

Internet analyst sees permanent tailwind from lengthy lockdowns

Internet companies are likely to be long-term winners from the pandemic as lockdown measures have now lasted long enough for changes in consumer behavior to become permanent, according to Credit Suisse.

Tech firms begin to abandon Hong Kong because of security law

China’s sweeping national security law has forced technology firms to reconsider their presence in Hong Kong. The nimblest among them—the city’s startups—are already moving data and people out or are devising plans to do so.

G20 finance officials eye solution to digital tax row this year

WASHINGTON/BERLIN — Finance officials from the Group of 20 (G20) major economies on Saturday vowed to resolve major differences over taxing big tech companies and reach a broad, consensus-based solution on international taxation this year.

Google ties more work tools into Gmail, aiming to get ahead...

OAKLAND — Alphabet Inc.’s Google said on Wednesday its corporate Gmail customers would now be able to edit documents and other files without leaving the e-mail service, as it aims to lure clients from rivals by making its tools more integrated.

Google faces lawsuit over tracking in apps even when users opted...

OAKLAND — Alphabet Inc.’s Google records what people are doing on hundreds of thousands of mobile apps even when they follow the company’s recommended settings for stopping such monitoring, a lawsuit seeking class action status alleged on Tuesday.

The era of free News for Facebook and Google may soon...

Facebook and Google have for years operated like shop windows for news stories, plying their billions of visitors with free snippets and information from articles across the web. An antitrust tussle that’s coming to a head in Australia is set to change that.

Indonesia imposes 10% value-added tax on Amazon, Google, Netflix and Spotify

JAKARTA — Indonesia imposed a 10% value-added tax (VAT) on sales by technology firms including Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Google on Tuesday, as spending patterns shift with increased remote working as a result of the coronavirus crisis, which has hit state finances.

Google, Deutsche Bank agree to 10-year cloud partnership

ALPHABET, INC.’S Google and Deutsche Bank AG have agreed to form a long-term partnership that will see the US technology company provide cloud computing capabilities to Germany’s largest lender.

Tech companies suspend processing Hong Kong government data requests

Facebook Inc., Google Inc., and Twitter Inc. suspended processing government requests for user data in Hong Kong, they said on Monday, following China’s establishment of a sweeping new national security law for the semi-autonomous city.

Europe’s failure to tame Google’s dominance is a lesson for US

As US authorities ready the biggest antitrust case of the new century, there are lessons to be learned from Europe’s attempt to inject more competition into search, one of the most lucrative digital markets.

Google stymies media companies from chipping away at its data dominance

OAKLAND — Alphabet Inc.’s Google upended plans by European media companies to block it from harvesting data about their readers and slash some of its dominance in online advertising, seven people involved in the talks said this month.

Filipinos are investing in companies they rely on in quarantine —...

Data from eToro shows that Google, Facebook, and Netflix—companies seeing record usage during the lockdown—are among the most popular investments for Filipinos in March.

Google offers to help small businesses

GOOGLE Philippines has offered to help increase the number of small businesses in the Philippines that have a website.

Google cutting web cookies, ending tracking tool for ads

ALPHABET Inc.’s Google within two years plans to block a common way businesses track online surfers in its Chrome browser, endorsing costly changes to how the Web operates as it tries to satisfy increased privacy demands from users.

Chat site, election, and Avengers among top 2019 Google searches

ONLINE CHAT SITE Omegle, a website for game cheats, and another site for game credits and vouchers dominated the Filipino conversation this 2019 according to the annual Google Year in Search list on the most searched trends, news, and personalities on the search engine.

Facts, figures, and opportunities in the Southeast Asian digital economy

The digital economy is a goldmine for both businesses and consumers in Southeast Asia. What sectors are propelling its massive growth, and how can startups capitalize on their respective opportunities? Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company share e-Conomy SEA 2019 report.

What makes Google, Google? The tech giant shares their four core...

Google is famous for its fun and free corporate culture. Broadly speaking, it can be boiled down into some very simple principles. During Philippine Startup Week, Google shared the 4 core principles that made them the company that they are today.

Guided growth: Google and IdeaSpace team up for the Philippine ecosystem

Google Developers Launchpad and IdeaSpace announce partnership

Google, IdeaSpace partner to boost Philippine start-ups

TECH GIANT Google is partnering with IdeaSpace, the largest and longest-running early-stage start-up accelerator in the Philippines, to help tech entrepreneurs and improve the country’s startup ecosystem.

Over 100 retailers rally with Huawei, offers special warranty program to...

To assure consumers who are interested in Huawei phones, partner retailers and dealers will offer a “Special Warranty Program” for upcoming purchases of any...

Google tops 15 million music subscribers as it chases after Spotify

GOOGLE’S paid music services have eclipsed 15 million subscribers, according to two people familiar with the numbers, a milestone for a company that has struggled to build subscription media businesses.

Spotify, Google appeal ruling that boosted songwriter payments

SPOTIFY Technology SA and other technology giants appealed a ruling that increased the royalties they must pay to songwriters, a move that threatens to further damage the companies’ already-tenuous relationship with the music industry.

Six new Google tools to make your work life easier

Google Philippines launches six new products to help Filipino workers.

Google Stations rolled out in PHL

TECH GIANT Google has partnered with PLDT, Inc. and its wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, Inc. for the establishment of “open, free and high quality Internet access” in 50 locations around the country.

Smart Wifi partners with Google

SMART Wifi has teamed up with tech giant Google to deliver free, high speed internet services in public locations around the Philippines, according to parent company PLDT, Inc.

Tech giant Google set to open 1st operations center in Philippines

TECH giant Google LLC is opening its first operations center in the Philippines, which will provide support for its users and customers in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, as well as the Philippines.

Facebook and Google chase a new $1 trillion payments market

Surendrasingh Sucharia always has a few thousand rupees in his pocket, but can’t recall the last time he used cash. The 29-year-old product manager...

Google developing censor-friendly search engine for China: source

Beijing -- Google is crafting a search engine that would meet China's draconian censorship rules, a company employee told AFP on Thursday, in a...

Google said to be fined record $5 billion by EU

GOOGLE will be fined around €4.3 billion ($5 billion) by the European Union over Android apps, setting a new record for antitrust penalties, according to a person familiar with the EU decision.

US lawmakers question Alphabet developers’ access to customers’ Gmail inboxes

Alphabet Inc. is facing another day of demands from top Republican lawmakers to explain reports that hundreds of outside app developers had access to...

Google to hold Asia-wide pitch competition for startups

Selected startups will receive an all-expense-paid trip to China!

Happy GDPR Day — but not for some US websites

The EU's flagship new data protection laws came into effect on Friday but hit an early hitch as several major US news websites were...

Acer to unveil new Chromebooks, next step in Google’s business pitch

SAN FRANCISCO -- Acer, Inc. will unveil its first line of high-end laptops running Google’s Chrome OS on Wednesday, an executive told Reuters, as...

Google flexes AI muscle while chasing rivals at annual conference

GOOGLE introduced new products and technology upgrades at its annual developer conference on Tuesday that showed the internet giant lagging behind Apple, Inc. and...

Google takes on Yelp by adding personalized features to maps

Google Maps is getting a face-lift, and the new features could tread further into the local-listing business of rivals such as Yelp Inc. Alphabet Inc.’s...

Google ramps up Gmail privacy controls in major update

San Francisco -- Google on Wednesday ramped up privacy controls in a Gmail overhaul, aiming first at businesses that use its suite of workplace...

Google aims to lure Microsoft Outlook users with biggest Gmail redesign

SAN FRANCISCO -- Alphabet, Inc.’s Google unveiled on Wednesday its first Gmail redesign since 2013, capping what the company says was an expensive overhaul...

Google urges small businesses to invest in online presence to help...

GOOGLE, is encouraging businesses of all sizes across all industries to shift towards digital and create mobile-optimized websites in order to leverage and “reach...