FILIPINO Drex Zamboanga wants a shot at Christian Lee’s ONE world lightweight crown.

“If possible, I would like to face Christian Lee. I’ve been watching his fights from way back, and I feel like we’d have an interesting match skill-wise,” said Mr. Zamboanga.

Mr. Zamboanga’s dare came more than a week after his impressive first-round win over Rahul Raju in “ONE: Full Circle” in a match where the former had to jump three weight classes from flyweight to lightweight.

“At first, I struggled adjusting to lightweight. It’s not easy because I jumped three weight classes, but I had to maintain my speed,” said the 28-year-old Marrok Force mainstay. “I focused on enhancing my speed and power during my training and loaded up on conditioning to match [Raju’s] strength.”

The Bangkok, Thailand-based Mr. Zamboanga overcame his struggles in disposed of Mr. Raju in just 65 seconds.

“I was able to maintain my training and executed my game plan against Mr. Raju very well. I’m very happy because it’s been two years since I last fought due to injury,” said the fighter who remains undefeated in ONE Championship.

After his fight against Mr. Raju, Mr. Zamboanga sees himself staying at lightweight rather than flyweight because he believes he’s better off competing in that division. — Joey Villar