As part of its rebranding initiative, job platform Recruitday is offering online courses and workshops on information technology (IT)  to assist Filipino professionals who want to shift to more lucrative careers.

“As we focus on empowering Filipinos to be equipped for the demands of the 21st-century tech industry, we’re prioritizing offering tech-related tracks — e.g., data science, cybersecurity, robotic processing automation, among others,” said Recruitday founder and Chief Executive Officer Joel A. Garcia in an e-mail to BusinessWorld.

Both self-paced and instructor-led courses are available on the platform, which operates on a “freemium” model to make upskilling accessible.

“The ones you need to pay for really depend on the topic and provider’s fees,” he said. “There are courses that you can complete in just days. Later on, full degrees will also be offered, which could take months or even years to complete.”

Recruitday’s pocket events are free. Its webinars and workshops, meanwhile, require an account.

“Accessing our metaverse spaces, where we will start hosting [events] will require a Recruitday account, which is free to create,” said Monic Gosingtian, Recruitday senior marketing manager, in the same e-mail.

Recruitday will also host a career fair in the metaverse this April.

“Tools like MS Teams and Zoom have already shaped the way we work now, and we believe the metaverse will have a much larger impact,” said Mr. Garcia in a statement.

There is an increased demand for tech-related roles worldwide. A 2021 global survey by Claroty, an industrial cybersecurity firm, found that almost 90% of enterprises are looking to hire cybersecurity experts, with 40% saying the need was “urgent.” A little over half of respondents (54%), however, said it is hard to find qualified candidates. — Patricia B. Mirasol