How we work from home

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting global lockdown has forced people to work from home (WFH) more often.

Already, experts are saying that telecommuting is here to stay. “Nobody in the future is going to take a job where they are measured by whether or not they show up at a certain time at the office and then check out again at 5:30 or 6 p.m.,” said Lars Wittig, country manager of IWG Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia, during the Asia Future-of-Work Forum 2020 held on June 25.

Investors, too, are basing their investment decisions “on how considerate companies are to their employees and clients during the coronavirus pandemic,” and favoring companies that allow employees to work from home.

But what does working from home look like? This photo essay is a glimpse into the increasingly necessary WFH culture. Subjects were requested to complete the statement: “The most important part of my home-office setup is _______, because _______.”

Risa Barcelona, Creative, MAD Market


The most important part of my home-office setup is my laptop because it has my whole life in it (it is literally my work’s bloodline, lol), and Eggs because he can easily de-stress me, no effort!

Frances Barsana, Business Development Manager, Kickstart Ventures

The most important part of my home-office setup is the designated space because it allows me to focus my energy during working hours and differentiate when I am needed to attend to home matters.

Pia Bernal, Community Manager, Kickstart Ventures

The most important part of my home-office setup is my second and larger screen because it helps you to multitask and work faster: the ability to open multiple tabs! You especially feel the benefit of a dual monitor setup when composing an email and you need to view other emails in your inbox as reference.

Christian San Jose, Founder and CEO, 8020

The most important part of my home-office setup is my chair (and its footrest), because that’s where I spend most of my time. The chair has to be right in the middle of comfort and sturdiness: It can’t be too comfortable as I don’t want to fall asleep while working. 😅

Sally Ponce-Enrile, Chairperson, JoJoCare

The most important part of my home setup is its location. It is up in my attic adjacent to my indoor garden/art studio. I get both the privacy I need as well as a relaxing ambience so I can focus on my work without anyone distracting me. I call it my “happy place.”

Dorelene Dimaunahan, founder of DMD3D Enterprises and CAD Concepts and faculty member of DLSU, ADMU, UA&P, and CCA

The most important parts of my home-office setup are my piano nook and my green screen room. My piano nook is where my creativity works best. In the middle of a long day at work, I find time to play a piece or two, just to break the ice. As for the green screen room, this is where I usually stay when I need more concentration or where I do my hosting and writing projects.

Victor Jeffery, Editor of Enrich magazine and CEO of Skittles-Brooke Media

The most important part of my home-office setup is creating the right environment to work in — that gives me the freedom of working in a relaxed atmosphere, and at the same time, allows me to adhere to my professional office style way of operating, because otherwise, I know that my normally strong focus could become too easily distracted.

Melissa Profeta, Brand Strategist, Digital Dynasty

The most important part of my home-office setup is I being able to easily get whatever I need right away. If I need a hug for a quick break, I can easily walk up to my baby’s crib before going back to work. If I need major references for work, I can just pick out my go-to book from my mini-library.

Emily Brown, Executive, Telum Media

The most important part of my home-office setup is my charger station, as I’m always on the phone and my laptop. I’ve got to be contactable at all times. Also, snacks to distract my cat whenever she bites my screen and charger!

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