2GO Group, Inc. is regarded as one of the premier transport and logistics providers in the Philippines which legacy of leadership and services was built on 149 years of practice. Although several changes has marked the local transport and logistics industry, 2GO’s trademark of providing world-class travel experiences, moving products efficiently, and catalyzing business growth in domestic and international markets remains unchanged.

2GO is the product of resources and expertise of different companies it acquired at different times. The group, which was primarily formed and organized on May 26, 1949 under the corporate name William Lines, Inc., is now being managed by SM Investments Corp. (SMIC) and Udenna Corp.

Currently, the group owns and operates successful brands such as 2GO Travel, 2GO Freight, 2GO Express, and 2GO Logistics. It maintains the largest and widest infrastructure across the country with seamless links to over 150 countries.

“The company has grown to be more than shipping. We’ve gone into logistics, offering the whole suite of freight forwarding, import, export, customs clearance and release, warehousing, multimodal transportation, e-commerce, last mile deliveries, project logistics, and express deliveries,” 2GO Shipping Chief Operating Officer Mark Matthew F. Parco told BusinessWorld. “In terms of shipping and logistics, I think we’ve covered almost everything, and on top of that, we take steps to being one of the largest distribution companies.”

Mr. Parco shared that among 2GO’s product lines and solutions, shipping is the most matured in the sense that the “products and growth is there”. At the company’s brand structure, 2GO’s shipping operates under the brand names 2GO Travel for passage business, and 2GO Freight for cargo business.

2GO Travel is one of the largest sea travel providers in the Philippines that provides comfortable and secured transport between major destinations across the archipelago. Its ability to guarantee convenient and affordable sea travel experience has helped 2GO be the preferred means of sea travel by Filipinos. Mr. Parco said that in 2017, 2GO Travel moved a total of 4.5 million passengers, which comprised the 90% of the total market share.

2GO Freight, on the other hand, is 2GO’s unit that provides cargo handling services for various types of goods and shipments including full container load (FCL) and less than a container load (LCL), loose cargo, roll-on or roll-off and rolling cargo.

2GO Freight transported 27% of the total freight in the market last year. “It is a major chunk of the economy,” Mr. Parco said.

Another core business unit of 2GO Group is 2GO Logistics, Inc. that provides services in logistics, transportation, warehousing and inventory management. It employs a variety of tools that enable value creation and business growth for its customers and 2GO itself.

2GO Logistics captures a big share of the sea-based delivery market in the country, handling up to special containers such as isotanks and refrigerated vans. It also supervises international logistics involving international sourcing and consolidation, customs clearance and brokerage, project cargo management, heavy lift and special cargo handling, global containerized transport, international freight forwarding, and warehousing.

With its wide array of shipping services and end-to-end logistics solutions, 2GO has played a critical role in facilitating effective and efficient trade operations which is the backbone of the country’s economic growth. As Mr. Parco explained, 2GO is helping businesses, especially manufacturing and consumer goods companies, by transporting their commodities around the country.

In this manner, 2GO has become part of every Filipinos’ lives. From the raw materials to finished goods they use and consume, 2GO served as a reliable partner of individuals and businesses in moving these commodities from Metro Manila to provinces or vice versa.

To adapt to the changing landscape in the transport and logistics industry, 2GO is streamlining its operations and is continuously seeking ways to improve its services.

Recently, the company unveiled the fully-furnished M/V St. Leo the Great as part of its efforts to modernize its fleets. The passenger and cargo vessel now boasts a world-class accommodation, modern features, and various amenities that give passengers an exceptional sea-travel experience.

In addition, the company is also utilizing the advantages of the Internet to efficiently reach its market and deliver utmost convenience to its consumers.

“Innovation is there, we would not grow if we will not match or surpass on whatever our competitors are offering,” Mr. Parco said. “These are the things we are looking into to help us maintain our leadership in the market.”

In the years to come, Mr. Parco said that 2GO will continuously strive to be the market leader by extending its shipping and logistics services and focusing on factors that cater to the growing needs of the customers. Given the company’s size and reach, it aims to continue to be able to touch the lives of Filipinos through its services.