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THE Philippine auto industry’s output of cars and motorcycles rose 14.4% year on year to 8,961 units in July, according to the ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF).

The July growth reading puts the Philippines among the top three in the region.

Myanmar posted the strongest growth with 85.9%, albeit off a low base. July output was 158 units, up from 85 a year earlier. Malaysia posted growth of 28.4% to 66,862 units.

Thailand came in fourth with a 4.7% rise in production to 149,709 units in July, while Indonesia saw a 3.5% increase in its auto production to 122,656.

In July, AAF said the region produced 362,543 motor vehicles, up 7% from a year earlier.

In the first seven months, the Philippines registered a 36.9% increase in output to 65,934, to lead the region in growth rate for the period.

Malaysia posted a 16.1% increase to 429,397 in the first seven months, while Thailand and Indonesia posted around 6% growth to 1.07 million and 824,777, respectively.

Myanmar reported an 87.3% decline in production to 387 while Vietnam posted a 31.2% decrease to 93,468.

In the seven months to July, the region produced a total of 2.49 million motor vehicles, up 5.7% from a year earlier.

In terms of sales, the Philippines posted the strongest growth in July at 33.3% year on year to 37,086.

The Philippines and Malaysia were the only gainers during the period, with the latter posting a 27.5% sales growth to 63,676 units. 

Sales growth declined 39.9% in Myanmar to 321 units. The corresponding declines in Vietnam were 18.4%, Singapore 16.5%, Thailand 8.8%, and Indonesia 6.8%.

In July, AAF said the region sold a total of 267,488 units, representing a 2% rise from a year earlier.

The Philippines posted the strongest sales growth in the first seven months, with car and motorcycle output of 239,501 units, up 31.1% from a year earlier.

Malaysia reported a 12.6% increase in sales to 429,807, while growth in Indonesia was 4.5% to 586,401 units. — Justine Irish D. Tabile