ABOITIZ Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) has partnered with Australia’s Arowana International (AWN) for the establishment of a training center that will offer information and communications technology (ICT) seminars within the year.
In a letter addressed to the Australian Securities Exchange Monday, AWN said its wholly owned subsidiary DDLS Australia Pty Ltd. has entered into an agreement with a unit of AEV for the conduct of ICT seminars.
The first training center will be launched in Manila by the middle of the year, with more to be unveiled in other areas depending on demand. The centers will offer technology-focused short courses.
The courses will be administered by AWN’s wholly owned unit EdventureCo, a professional and vocational education and trading group in the Asia-Pacific region.
“The ICT needs across the Philippines are immense and will continue to grow strongly given this demographic backdrop. The opportunity and vision of building a Philippines leader in ICT knowledge is shared with the Aboitiz group,” AWN Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Chin said in a statement.
For his part, AEV Chief Operating Officer Miguel Aboitiz said education has always been the advocacy of the Aboitiz group.
“This initiative provides technology-focused short courses that will produce better-trained and more competent Filipinos in the growing digital economy,” he was quoted as saying.
DDLS is said to be the only ICT training provider in Australia to offer training in leading cloud providers, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. — Arra B. Francia