ANIMAL NUTRITION provider Cargill launched on Thursday its digital nutrition solutions portfolio under its Provimi brand in the Philippines.
Provimi’s technology allows animal producers to provide ideal nutrition as it offers definite nutritional data to help achieve production goals.
“I think there will be some resistance at first with the market embracing the idea of digital nutrition,” Cargill Premix and Nutrition Philippines Country Director Generoso Rene M. Romo, Jr., said during a press conference on Wednesday.
Mr. Romo noted digital nutrition technology might create the impression that jobs will be cut because of this, but explained the platform is intended to increase efficiency and margins for livestock and poultry businesses.
Cargill Premix and Nutrition Southeast Asia Strategic Marketing and Technology Director Maxime Hilbert said the platform is necessary as it helps its customers provide proper nutrition to their animals.
“We’ve been specializing in some regions of the world to produce specific crops… This is putting very high risk on the raw material price for that product, because any hazardous event that could happen in those countries can have an impact worldwide in the price of the raw materials… Digital nutrition can help make up for that,” Mr. Hilbert said.
He explained that the platform, which goes by the name, Techbro Flex, gives customers real-time access to knowledge from Cargill’s cross-continental network of research facilities, which includes information on sudden profit disruptors. — R.J.Ignacio