REVOLUTION Precrafted Properties, Ltd. is expanding its design partnership with boxing icon and senator Emmanuel “Manny” D. Pacquiao to include “high quality and affordable” condominiums.
“We are going to do Pacquiao condominiums. We are going to launch them in one of the three master plans. Lakeshore has expressed interest in one or two condos that we want to do there,” Jose Roberto R. Antonio, founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted, said during the launch of the Pacquiao-designed affordable homes at the Manila Peninsula last Oct. 11.
Revolution Precrafted earlier this year signed a deal with Lakeshore developer Central Country Estate, Inc. (CCEI) for the construction of 7,100 prefabricated homes in the community located in Mexico, Pampanga.
At the launch event last week, the company unveiled Mr. Pacquiao’s designs for the affordable and “limited edition” homes, as well as a sports facility. The affordable row houses, sized at 45 square meters, will be priced at P999,999.
“We believe that every human being needs to have a house. Being a Philippine company, we start here… We hope that with these homes. We now hope that with these homes, many will have a chance to make their dreams come true. The partnership with our Champion Revolutionary, we will continue to explore opportunities to offer even more affordable homes in the future to ensure that Filipinos will have their chances of having decent homes,” Mr. Antonio said in a speech at the event.
Recalling his experience being homeless and living in the streets, Mr. Pacquiao said: “The Filipino people deserve to have a dream house… My first priority, to help, is giving shelter.”
Mr. Antonio said 440 Pacquiao-designed row houses and sports facility will be available at the Batulao Artscapes project in Nasugbu, Batangas. Another 200 Pacquiao-designed homes will be available at Lakeshore.
Century Properties Group, Inc. (CPG), where Mr. Antonio is managing director, is developing the Batulao Artscapes. For the project, Revolution Precrafted is also supplying homes designed by Filipino and international designers and architects.
At the same time, Mr. Pacquiao designed “limited edition, curated” homes and a multi-purpose sports facility at the Revolution Hills community in San Mateo, Rizal.
Revolution Precrafted said model units will be built before the end of 2018, and the assembled houses will be ready for occupancy early next year.
Mr. Pacquiao, in a statement, said he is considering launching a “Buy a Home, Get a Lot Free” scheme where he will give lots from his personal property in Saranggani for Filipinos who want to have their own homes. The lots will only be awarded to those who will use it to build a home, not to sell it afterwards.
“We want to plan it well, because as I have said we want to come up with a campaign… It’s part of philanthropic efforts… at Revolution and with Senator Pacquiao, we want the ‘Buy a house, get a lot for free,’” Mr. Antonio said.
Revolution Precrafted brings together architects, artists, and designers to create prefabricated livable spaces.
The startup is now present in 17 markets worldwide, having forged deals with international companies in the past six months, including a $52-million project in Spain, a $1.2-billion project in Myanmar, and $3.2-billion project in Dubai.
Revolution Precrafted has also partnered with companies in the Caribbean nations of Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, as well as in Japan, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Brazil, and Cyprus. — Vincent Mariel P. Galang