AS A nail polish formulated as a one-step system, Orly Breathable Treatment + Color saves one the hassle of having to apply several coats of different polishes as it can be used as both base and top coat.

During the product launch in Pasig City on Aug. 8, BusinessWorld was given six colors — a variety of light to dark shades of pink and purple.

For a week, this writer tried Nail Superfood, a bright watermelon hue (which appeared orange under yellow lighting). To test its longevity, I applied two coats of the polish as is (with no base and top coat) on my left hand, while on my right, I applied a separate base and top coat along with two coats of the polish.

The color dried after 10 minutes.

I was impressed that the color did not smudge or get any lines after the first evening I had it on, unlike other brands I have used regardless of color.

By the middle of the week, I noticed that the polish on the tips of my left index and middle fingers began to chip off while the polish on my right hand remained sturdy. I did not perform any tedious task with my hands that would affect the polish longevity, except probably washing my socks daily after arriving home.

At the end of the week, I played a bit of classical guitar, alternating my left and right hand to strum on the strings. After 15 minutes, I checked my nails, but saw no changes.

When I finally removed the polish, the fingers on both hands did not look pale and it was not obvious that I just had nail polish on.

Overall, I have to say that it did not quite live up to my expectation of not needing to apply base and top coat, as I hoped that the polish would stay unchipped for two weeks.

For those who wish to try it for themselves, I would suggest applying three coats of polish and wear it for more than a week to see how long it can last without peeling or chipping off. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman