LOCAL CAR BATTERY leader Motolite said it has made its tropicalized automotive batteries more reliable by shifting to state-of-the-art Punched Grid technology, which results “in a 45% average increase” in service life.

Employing German tech, Punch Grid enables Motolite batteries to further “withstand the rigors of daily driving even under extreme heat and on bumpy roads,” asserted the company in a release. Punched Grid creates positive plates by punching the grid design into a sheet of lead, promoting a more efficient use of materials, enhanced conductivity, increased durability, and longer life.

Motolite said it is the first to locally produce punched grids, “consistent with its commitment to continuously look for ways to improve its products through the latest and greatest innovations in battery manufacturing technology.” Compared to conventional Expanded Grid technology, which is currently the norm for most automotive battery manufacturers, the plates using punched grids designed by Motolite’s engineers promise 24% higher conductivity versus previous designs, leading to better electrical flow through the plates.

Batteries using punched grid plates “can better meet the increasing power demands of modern automobiles. They also deliver more reliable engine start-ups and a more dependable user experience.” In addition to the tech, Motolite shared that it has incorporated the texturing of grids into its manufacturing process to facilitate improved adhesion of active materials.

This extra step boosts battery endurance and quality, reported the company, resulting in a sustained increase in high-rate discharge performance and longer battery life, allowing punched grid batteries to achieve 600 cycles more versus those employing expanded grids.