CAMPI/TMA member companies sold a total of 268,488 vehicles last year. — PHOTO BY KAP MACEDA AGUILA

AS EXPECTED, 2021 — at least by the yardstick of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) — proved to be a “recovery year” for the auto industry.

The two associations’ most recent joint report revealed that member companies amassed total sales in the month of December 2021 of 27,846 units — a 5.3% increase versus the 26,456 units recorded in November. The December’s total takeup is the highest the group has mustered “since the pandemic hit the industry in March 2020,” according to its release.

CAMPI President Atty. Rommel Gutierrez stated, “Looking back at last year’s performance, the automotive industry has remained remarkably resilient with an overall growth of 20% compared with the same performance a year ago; that is no small feat, indeed.”

All told, CAMPI/TMA sold 268,488 units in 2021 — 20% more than the 2020 figure.

Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. (TMP) led December sales with 13,502 units (up 6.4% versus November’s 12,690 vehicles sold); it accounted for 48.49% of total sales for the month. For 2021, TMP sold 129,667 units — growing by 29.6% versus its 2020 performance when it moved 100,019 units. Overall, Toyota cornered 48.3% of sales last year.

In second place is Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) with 4,065 vehicles sold in December — up by 3.8% versus the 3,918 units it delivered in November. The company accounted for 14.61% of sales in December. MMPC’s 2021 sales total is 37,548 or a 13.98% share.

Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) is in third for the month with 2,240 units sold (down by one unit versus November’s 2,241 total). It accounted for 8.04% of CAMPI/TMA sales. NPI sold a total of 19,603 units in 2021 — 9.9% below 2020’s performance — and places fourth overall.

Ford Motor Company Philippines, Inc. (FMCPI) is in fourth place for December with 1,851 units sold, (slightly down from 1,860 in November). It accounted for 6.65% of total sales in November. Year 2021 unit sales total is 20,005 — good for third overall and 7.45% share.

Bringing up fifth place in December is Suzuki Philippines, Inc. (SPH), which attained 6.56% market share for the month as it sold 1,826 vehicles — 10.1% more than its November sum of 1,658 units. YTD, SPH is also in fifth place overall for the year as it sold 19,393 automobiles (accounting for 7.22% share).

“The industry remains optimistic for a continued recovery this year from the COVID-19 pandemic downturn as progress on inoculation has provided hopes for a better outlook for the wider economy, but ‘business as usual’ is still unlikely as challenges remain at hand,” Atty. Gutierrez concluded. — Kap Maceda Aguila