A 60-SECOND video that recently debuted on the Chery Auto Philippines Facebook and YouTube channels reveals multimedia influencer Alex Gonzaga skillfully driving the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro. The celebrity is the latest endorser of the Chery brand in the Philippines.

“Honestly, I used to think that driving wasn’t meant for me until I was introduced to Chery Auto Philippines. I was acquainted with the Chery Tiggo lineup and these vehicles left me amazed with the comfort, tech features, and colors! I love the style and most of all, the value for money.”

Alex Gonzaga-Morada, or simply Alex G, is among the top 10 most influential YouTubers in the Philippines. She has over 10.7 million subscribers and is also one of the most-followed Instagram icons with over 11 million followers.

“Having Alex G as the newest member of the Chery family is very timely. Earlier this year, we shifted our campaign (to focus) on how fun to drive a Chery is. The overall messaging is bright, colorful, vibrant, and sensational, and frankly, I can’t think of any other influencer that fits this car personality other than Alex G,” said Chery Auto Philippines President Rommel Sytin in a release.

The 33-year-old actress, vlogger, and entrepreneur remarked that Chery is her first automotive brand endorsement. “I’m also an owner of a Chery Tiggo 7 Pro and, during my first time driving it, admittedly, it made me feel like I’ve been a Pro driver for years,” Alex G revealed.

What made her choose the Pro? “After a long day at work, the luxurious leather seats comfort me. The dual-zone function of its air-conditioning is also perfect not just for the driver but also for the passengers — it’s cool and just right for my hot morning call times. I can also put all my wardrobe sets, make-up, and other equipment in its spacious cargo hold, and I never had a hard time opening it because of its automatic tailgate lifting function.”

She added, “Another fave is the 360-around view monitor shown on its infotainment system. The surroundings of the car automatically pop out on the screen, and it feels like I have an eye on every corner and inch of my (vehicle). The ambient lighting which smoothly jams with the beat of my music is lit. I’m down for loud drives, and the flashing lights intensify my fun driving mode especially at night. It’s like holding a club party on wheels.”

Alex G also said she loves the wireless mobile charger of the car, along with its huge panoramic sunroof. “Aside from my tapings, I also head the marketing division of our family’s beverage business. On top of that, I am also a dedicated housewife… That’s why the Tiggo 7 Pro is a big help in fulfilling my daily duties because of the driving comfort it provides.”

The Chery “Fun to Drive” campaign envisions the Tiggo crossover lineup as being go-to rides for the youth, for families, and for every lifestyle that requires dynamic, exciting, and fully functional mobility. “Just like Alex G, we want our customers to feel that driving is no longer just a responsibility. It’s now a fun experience that you can look forward to whatever your daily routine is. It gives you the time to enjoy the roads, to relax, and to bring out the ‘Pro’ in you,” Mr. Sytin added.

For more information, follow the company’s official social media pages @cheryautophilippines, visit www.cheryauto.ph, or download the Chery Auto PH mobile application available on Google Play, App Store and App Gallery.