CTEK has released a smart battery charger pitched as the ideal gear for outdoor recreational activities.

Portable powerThe CTEK D250S Dual charger was designed to handle late-model vehicles equipped with smart alternators. These alternators adjust their voltage output to suit the requirements of any condition — like when starting the engine, which needs a quick burst of electrical power. When plugged in, the D250S Dual can adapt to such changes via a wide input range, or from 10 volts to 22 volts.

CTEK said the D250S Dual can keep the vehicle’s battery charged, allowing it to power outdoor’s equipment like camping lights and portable refrigerators. The charger is splash- and dust-proof, and is suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries. It can also draw solar power, further ensuring it can charge the vehicle’s battery if necessary.

The D250S Dual charger is covered by a two-year warranty.