A GROUP of motorcycle taxi drivers has asked the House of Representatives to probe Grab Philippines acquisition of MOVE IT, saying appropriate regulations should first be established for such deals.    

What the driver groups want is for the pilot study under the Department of Transport (DoTr) that began three years ago with the purpose of drafting a law that governs the operation of motorcycle taxis be concluded first,ARANGKADA Riders Alliance National Chairman Rod Cruz said during a dialogue with Manila Rep. Joel R. Chua. 

Grab Philippines announced its acquisition of MOVE IT in August, which paves the way for its entry into motorcycle taxi operations. A company official has said they are confident that the deal is compliant with existing rules. 

However, the DoTr told a Senate committee hearing in September last year that the technical working group (TWG) overseeing the operations of motorcycle taxis has ordered the suspension of the Grab Philippines-MOVE IT partnership. 

The TWG, which includes the DoTr, Land Transportation Office, and the House of Representatives, is mandated to discuss the standards and capacities of a motorcycle and its driver for public transportation service. 

All riders and the riding public remain vulnerable until a law that defines proper rules and regulations is passed,Mr. Cruz said. And such underhanded moves, like the backdoor entry of Grab Philippines to the pilot program further places everyone at risk. 

Ariel E. Inton, founder of Lawyers for Commuters Safety and Protection, also said the acquisition was a backdoor entry into the pilot program. 

The front door would have been filing for accreditation, but if you recall, Grab Philippines withdrew its motorcycle taxi application years back and then surprised everyone by news that they have acquired MOVE IT,Mr. Inton said. Matthew Carl L. Montecillo