FILIPINOS in the Middle East and African Region lead the number of overseas voters registered for the midterm elections on May 13 this year, according to figures released Tuesday by the Office for Overseas Voting of the Commission on Elections.
According to the “Number of Registered Voters” provided by the said office, there are 885,216 land-based voters and 2,470 seafarer voters in the Middle East and Africa, for a total of 887,686 voters in that region.
In the Asia-Pacific, there are 393,728 land-based voters and 7,662 registered seafarers, totaling 401,390 voters.
In the Americas, there are 334,947 land-based voters and 10,471 registered seafarers, totaling 345,418 voters.
In Europe, there are 165,191 land-based voters and 22,430 registered seafarers, totaling 187,621 voters.
The OFW vote in the Middle East and African Region is predominant in the United Arab Emirates (109,366 in Abu Dhabi and 209,862 in Dubai), Saudi Arabia (103,349 in Jeddah, 169,401 in Riyadh and 53,801 in Al-Khobar), Kuwait (96,423), and Qatar (45,548).
In the Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong voters lead by 87,969; followed by Singapore (78,488), Japan (40,781 in Tokyo and 35,385 in Osaka), Taiwan (18,017 in Taipei, 14,088 in Kaohsiung, and 9,355 in Taichung), New Zealand (19,981), Malaysia (18,557), Brunei Darussalam (15,112), and Australia (5,575 in Canberra and 9,156 in Sydney).
In the Americas, US-based voters are mostly registered in San Francisco (59,315), Los Angeles (53,329), New York (42,758), Washington D.C. (39,666), and Chicago (20,501). Canada-based voters are mostly registered in Toronto (44,656), Vancouver (40,875), and the capital of Ottawa (8,481).
Voter concentration in Europe is highest in Rome (35,017) and Milan (27,903) in Italy; London, Great Britain (32,442); and Madrid, Spain (27,420).
There are a total of 1,822,115 overseas Filipino voters, 43,033 of them seafarers and the rest land-based.