BUDGET CARRIER Cebu Pacific has yet to be invited to the Davao City council’s Oct. 8 hearing on airfare rates, according to Cebu Pacific Director for Corporate Communications Charo Logarta-Lagamon. “So far as I know, we have not received any notice or invitation or any letter of that sort regarding high airfare,” she said in an interview. Nonetheless, she said they are ready to work with the council on its inquiry over alleged high airline costs to and from Davao City, which affects tourism as well as investments. “I think we need also to validate when the bookings happened… there are seasonal factors: Was it a weekend? Was there a holiday? There are many factors that affect why a fare is higher than the other fares,” she noted. She added that supply and the demand play a major factor in airfare rates, which is affected not just by the number of passengers but also the number of airlines and flights available. — Maya M. Padillo