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Flavors of the season

THE PERFECT companion to 22 Prime’s Christmas menu, called The Nature of Christmas, is a lot of holiday cheer, beltless pants, and maybe a hefty winter coat.

An abundance of seafood

SELECTING a variety of seafood dishes for a meal may be a tough decision, but a pleasant one. And over at Isla Sugbu Seafood City you can choose, cook, and eat; but unlike a regular dampa restaurant, it offers a fourth step — repeat.

To find New York’s most innovative sushi bar, go to a...

NEW YORK — When you walk into the foyer of Hotel 3232 in Midtown Manhattan and give the desk attendant your name, that person will hand you a plastic keycard.

In a city full of seafood, is Red Lobster worth it?...

WE KNOW we have seafood in abundance here, Manila, but let’s give US-based Red Lobster a chance.

Desserts King of El Bulli goes to London

ALBERT ADRIÀ is an unlikely champion of healthy eating.

The synergy of four hands

SYNERGY means quite simply, the “creation of a whole, greater than the sum of its parts.” We witnessed synergy on Nov. 13 in The Peninsula’s Old Manila when two budding masters, Allan Briones and Jordy Navarra, joined forces for a memorable preview of a dinner called “A Fourtaste of Things to Come” set for Nov. 28.

It takes a day and a half to make this roast...

FOR EVERY bite of chef Billy Cheong’s roasted goose, you’re tasting about a century’s worth of history and the labor of a day and a half.

Cebu’s Rico’s Lechon opens its biggest branch in Pasig’s Tiendesitas

IT TOOK a while for a franchiser’s ambition to bring Rico’s Lechon, the popular lechon (roast pig) brand of Cebu to Manila.

Cravings focuses on family as it turns 30

THERE’S nothing quite like a Sunday lunch with the family, and for the 30th anniversary of Cravings in Katipunan, promos and new serving sizes are going to make you run out of excuses to miss it.

Hard Rock Café returns under new management

In 2017, Hard Rock Café Makati City closed its doors, ending a more than 20 year run of good food and good music, but Hard Rock Café isn’t gone forever as barely a year after its disappearance, the international restaurant-bar chain has announced a comeback in Manila, with a plan to open in Conrad Hotel’s S’Maison in December.

Flavors of Halloween

WHAT would Halloween be without a scary cupcake or a punkin flavored pie? Here are some of the themed sweet treats one can find around town.

Two concepts join in Max’s Kabisera

MAX’S GROUP Inc., opens its 196th location with a new concept that targets a market not “typical of a Max’s restaurant,” by combining the casual dining experience with a family restaurant concept the group is known for, according to a company executive.

Romulo Café goes off-menu

A FAVORITE Filipino restaurant of many, Romulo Café is introducing family- and friend-favorites as part of its off-menu buffet choices.

A New York City outpost

A CITY can mean many different things to many people. What is important though, is how you see the city; and how it enriches you, and how you honor it, in turn.

Fishing for your food at New York’s wild new seafood restaurant

YOUR ODDS of catching a big striped bass for dinner in New York City are not especially high. A pier in Brooklyn, close to the Williamsburg J.Crew, probably offers the best chance. Your next step is to find someone to clean and cook it for you.

Lobsters: From trash to treasure

SOMETHING big and red is coming to town in November — and it is not an early visit from St. Nick. We’re talking about Red Lobster, of course.

Tokyo Tokyo’s flagship restaurant gets a new look

JAPANESE cuisine displays wonderful restraint and subtlety, and its taste is something that the world craves. Of course, when it’s brought to other countries, in the spirit of postmodernism and multiculturalism, it’s sometimes adapted to suit the taste of the local diner: consider Philly Cheesesteak sushi. Here in the Philippines Tokyo Tokyo has infused Japanese cuisine with a festive Filipino flavor (which might explain the unlimited rice, as if you’re at a fiesta).

Cliffhanging Swiss restaurant seeks new managers

ZURICH — A cliffhanging Swiss hotel and restaurant made famous by a National Geographic magazine cover is looking for new management after the family that ran it for the past 31 years called it quits.

Beyond its appearance in Sex and the City, this cupcake makes...

THIS WAS supposed to be a piece telling you how Magnolia Bakery is something to line up for so you can take a photo of yourself holding the same cupcake that Carrie Bradshaw bought in Sex and The City, Season 3, Episode 5 (“No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts”). The show’s lead, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, up to now an icon of feminine fashion, ate a vanilla cupcake with a pink buttercream swirl and a small sugar daisy. This was going to join all the other pieces extolling the influence of Sex and The City on pop culture, lost in the swirl of the internet.

Eat steak and make a difference

IF YOU are what you eat, then imagine what good it would do if you ate a meal that came with a soul and a conscience.

A Kadayawan kind of feast at the Seda Abreeza

THE ANNUAL celebration of Davao City’s Kadayawan Festival during the month of August is timed with nature’s calendar.

Top chefs pick 9 of the best places to eat in...

BILBAO isn’t the first city that trips off the tongue when you recommend international dining destinations.

Spain’s famed Sant Pau restaurant to close

BARCELONA — Spanish chef Carme Ruscalleda last Friday announced he will close his celebrated San Pau restaurant, in the northeastern Catalonia region, which has been awarded three Michelin stars since 2006.

Sucking up soup with a straw

THREE WORDS come to mind when you’re eating xiao long bao, the Chinese steamed soup dumplings:

New dining options at Sta. Lucia East Mall

THERE is a new array of dining destinations on the eastern side of the metro. As it is, the City of Marikina and neighboring areas in Rizal are already on many foodies’ must-visit lists. From the larger food hubs and parks, to hole-in-the-wall restos, the east of the metropolis has managed to carve a name for itself as a foodie haven.

Meat and booze (and cakes and sweets) for Father’s Day

MEATY TREATS and booze await your favorite guy at establishments around the city on Father’s Day, June 17.

Spicy new menu at Mango Tree

THE TROPICAL climate of Thailand and the vibrance of its culture are reflected in its richly flavored cuisine. A certain over-the-top quality that is well-appreciated was tasted late last month in the new menu offerings by Thai restaurant Mango Tree in Bonifacio Global City.

Vive la France says Sofitel as it marks Bastille Day

FRANCE’S NATIONAL holiday, Bastille Day is celebrated every year on July 14, commemorating the storming of the Bastille, a medieval fortress and a symbol of absolutism in France on this day in 1789, an event which would spark the French Revolution and form France (and arguably, the rest of the world) into what it is today.

Coffee, tea, and an anniversary

DRINKING COFFEE is part of our lives — this is how Paolo del Rosario, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) vice-president for marketing and business development, put it. “You can’t live without coffee. It’s part of daily lives,” he told BusinessWorld.

Dropout to Michelin stars: The rise of chef Chan in Taiwan

TAIPEI — Ken Chan has come a long way since he started out wheeling a trolley in a dim sum restaurant, becoming the first chef in his adopted home of Taiwan to win three Michelin stars.

Heart-stopping meal at a skewer restaurant

WHAT BETTER WAY to spend a Friday than gorging on a dozen fried meat skewers and clogging one’s arteries in the process? Well, that’s exactly what this reporter did last week as she paid a visit to the first Philippine branch of Kushikatsu Daruma, Osaka’s popular kushikatsu restaurant.

The art of steak

By Joseph L. Garcia, Reporter THE JAPANESE have a habit of taking something foreign and improving upon it, resulting in a product sometimes far superior...

Ready, aim, fire: Aussie diners given water pistols to ward off...

PERTH, Australia — Annoyed at seagulls that pester its patrons, a restaurant in the Australian city of Perth has armed customers with water pistols...

Cowboy Grill —the restaurant that launched the careers of Aegis and...

THE RESTAURANT that launched the careers of the band Aegis and dancer-turned-political pundit-turned-government official Margaux “Mocha” Uson is turning 24. Cowboy Grill, with four locations...

Viacom’s SpongeBob keeps rights to Krusty Krab restaurant name

AYE, AYE, captain: the rights to The Krusty Krab, the greasy spoon featured in the popular children’s TV series SpongeBob SquarePants, belong to Viacom,...

JFC invests in Tim Ho Wan brand

HOMEGROWN food giant Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC) will be investing 45 million Singaporean dollars, or around P1.74 billion, on the buyer of Tim Ho...

Max’s to focus on franchising to fast track expansion

Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI) will be focusing on franchising its brands to fast track expansion until 2020, targeting to have a 65% to 35%...

A very different garage sale

WHEN most people move out of a house, they hold a garage sale to dispose of items they no longer need or want. But...

Shakey’s aims to expand beyond brand offerings

Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. (SPAVI) is set to expand its product offerings, after proposing to shareholders that it be allowed to contract deals...

A taste of Philippine summer at China Blue

CELEBRITY CHEF Jereme Leung (by celebrity, we mean he was once recognized as one of the world’s best chefs by the American Academy of...

What’s for dinner? Surprise!

THE ELEMENT of surprise adds to the experience of a meal at Marriott Manila’s steakhouse, Cru with the recent introduction of a new concept...

Shakey’s earnings up by 14% on strong sales, store expansion

Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. reported a double-digit growth in earnings last year, driven by robust sales, record store expansion and sustained margins against...

Sky-high dinner

TAKING GASTRONOMY to new heights — 50 meters high actually — is the Belgium-based company Dinner in the Sky (DITS), which has come to...

Goût de France: A feast for the senses

ENJOYING a few baguette slices, then a plate of boeuf bourguignon, followed by a plateau de fromage and crêpes suzette, accompanied with occasional sips...

Forehead glistening cuisine

THE MANY colors of Thailand are tempered in the sanitized setting of SM Mega Fashion Hall in the Roku Group’s latest offering, Nara Thai...