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Johnnie Walker House pops up

THE WORLD’S leading Scotch whisky is also known for its so-called Johnnie Walker Houses “designed to immerse (patrons) in the history, provenance, and pioneering spirit of the... brand,” as a “lifestyle space and part museum (which brings together) luxury whisky innovation with art, design, fine-dining, and culture.”

Here are the world’s Top 50 Bars — and the best...

FANCY A few cocktails at the world’s best bar? Better be quick: It’s preparing to close.

Lebanon wines bring villages back to life

BEIRUT — Lured by Lebanon’s wine making potential and nostalgia for his homeland, Maher Harb left a Paris consultancy job in 2010 and dug vines into the soil of family land unused since the country’s civil war.

Not just organic, but vegan too

A BOTTLE of wine holds within its confines time and space, for a wine maker has distilled into a liquid the soil, the sunshine, and the care that went into making it. An Australian wine maker is proud to say that he has done that, all while embracing nature and minimizing Man’s touch.

Wine Made Easy: Nine cheap Pinot Grigios actually worth drinking

HERE’S a sad truth. Most pinot grigio is so watery, bland, and just plain dull that wine snobs scorn it and sommeliers at top restaurants won’t list it. Asking for “just a glass of pinot grigio” has almost become an admission that you don’t pay attention to what you swallow.

Rare $1.2-M bottle of Macallan to lead Bonham’s auction

A BOTTLE of rare 60-year-old Macallan could fetch a record price at a Bonhams Edinburgh auction on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila) as buyers show an unslakable thirst for limited-edition scotch whiskies.

What makes a classic?

WHAT MAKES something a classic? To many people, it means something that has proven itself over the years to be consistently of merit.

S. African villagers tap into trend for ‘superfood’ baobab

MUTALE, South Africa — From before dawn, 54-year-old grandmother Annah Muvhali weaves between baobab trees that loom over her rural South African home, collecting fruit that enthusiasts worldwide hail as a “superfood.”

Stripping things down to their bare essentials

THE JAPANESE have a gift in stripping something down to its core, allowing for the most essential and most important to come through. We had a taste of the essential on Sept. 19 at the Conrad Manila’s Brasserie on 3’s food promotion, A Taste of Japan. The promotion will run until Sept. 23.

Five ways to boost your online food business

Cloud platform GoDaddy suggests ways to digitize your food biz.

The ‘diamond of the kitchen’

TRUFFLE, deemed as one of the most luxurious and expensive food in the world, finds its way to Newport Mall with truffle-lovers getting the rare chance to taste an array of specialties made with this culinary gem hailed by many as the “diamond in the kitchen.”

Sabor, por favor

WHEN WE SEEK pleasure in dining, is flavor enough to carry the whole experience, or is exploration, adventure and atmosphere vital to achieving complete sensory pleasure?

Boat cuisine: Superchef Ducasse takes to the water

STILL SMARTING from being kicked out of his Michelin-starred restaurant halfway up the Eiffel Tower, France’s most famous chef Alain Ducasse is pressing on instead with a new restaurant almost directly underneath it—and, he boasts, it floats.

Naked and proud: food in the raw

CHRISTIAN MARK JACOBS, businessman and husband of fashion designer Francis Libiran, is showing the world something naked: food.

Lobsters: From trash to treasure

SOMETHING big and red is coming to town in November — and it is not an early visit from St. Nick. We’re talking about Red Lobster, of course.

‘Eat like a pro’ advocacy promotes healthy eating for families

NOT A one-time campaign event but an advocacy, Eat Like a Pro is a healthy eating habit program initiated by Beko, an international home appliance brand in the Philippines.

French Champagne makers see stars aligned for record harvest

REIMS, FRANCE — In the hilly region of Champagne in eastern France, winegrowers are bringing in grapes early this year for a harvest they expect to be one of the best in a decade.

Tokyo Tokyo’s flagship restaurant gets a new look

JAPANESE cuisine displays wonderful restraint and subtlety, and its taste is something that the world craves. Of course, when it’s brought to other countries, in the spirit of postmodernism and multiculturalism, it’s sometimes adapted to suit the taste of the local diner: consider Philly Cheesesteak sushi. Here in the Philippines Tokyo Tokyo has infused Japanese cuisine with a festive Filipino flavor (which might explain the unlimited rice, as if you’re at a fiesta).

5 (stove) top tips for caring for your burners

STOVETOPS are expected to take a lot of use and abuse and after a few years they show the more wear and tear than any other appliance in the kitchen. So La Germania has come up with five tips on how to keep a stovetop in prime condition for years.

Should your restaurant start offering delivery?

As the digital era continues to take over Filipino life, more opportunities are becoming available to food brands looking to get their menu offerings into the hands (and mouths) of hungry customers all over the metro.

Happy birds, happy life

IF IT’S really true that you become what you absorb from this world, will eating a happy bird make you happy as well?

A quick escape in a cup

A PERFECT swirl of whipped cream, bits of chocolate chip cookies, sprinkles of tiny white chocolate kisses, topped with Graham crackers and marshmallows — savoring a cold sweet drink once in a while is a treat to oneself after a long day.

Cliffhanging Swiss restaurant seeks new managers

ZURICH — A cliffhanging Swiss hotel and restaurant made famous by a National Geographic magazine cover is looking for new management after the family that ran it for the past 31 years called it quits.

How The Lost Bread left the food park and found its...

What started out as a test run in the Quezon city’s busy Maginhawa street is now open for franchising.

Feast like a viking

RAMBLING THROUGH the lyrics of traditional drinking songs while sharing a huge plate of kräfta (crayfish) and downing a glass of beer is a unique experience to celebrate the end of the summer season (in the case of the Philippines, the dry season).

Recreating heroes’ favorite dishes for a special menu

WHO WANTS to try Dr. Jose Rizal’s “most favorite” dish, bistek? Or perhaps, taste Melchora Aquino’s tinolang manok na tagalog?

Beyond its appearance in Sex and the City, this cupcake makes...

THIS WAS supposed to be a piece telling you how Magnolia Bakery is something to line up for so you can take a photo of yourself holding the same cupcake that Carrie Bradshaw bought in Sex and The City, Season 3, Episode 5 (“No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts”). The show’s lead, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, up to now an icon of feminine fashion, ate a vanilla cupcake with a pink buttercream swirl and a small sugar daisy. This was going to join all the other pieces extolling the influence of Sex and The City on pop culture, lost in the swirl of the internet.

The sweet taste of success: a Syrian’s journey from Gitmo to...

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY — Ahmed Ahjam spent more than 12 years in the Guantanamo Bay prison for terror suspects, but now he has seen a dream come true by starting a business in the country that welcomed him when the nightmare ended.

Rice stocks decline as of July 1

RICE STOCKS as of the start of July were estimated at 1.99 million metric tons (MT), down year-on-year and month-on-month, data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed.

Eat steak and make a difference

IF YOU are what you eat, then imagine what good it would do if you ate a meal that came with a soul and a conscience.

Dessert wine will be the new Scotch if sommeliers have their...

BANKING ON the upswell of interest in digestifs such as amaro and sherry, a growing number of sommeliers in the US — both in fine-dining and more casual restaurants — are hoping to tap into today’s taste for after-dinner drinks with dessert wines.

A Kadayawan kind of feast at the Seda Abreeza

THE ANNUAL celebration of Davao City’s Kadayawan Festival during the month of August is timed with nature’s calendar.

Nick Malgieri: A date with a pastry chef

WHILE PEOPLE say cooking is a relaxing habit, we don’t think it could compare to the act of baking. Sure, measuring and mixing might make you sweat a bit, but once you pop your confection in the oven, all you’ll have to do is wait, cool, and taste. It’s not that it’s easier, but the longer, more stretched-out timeline allows one to really immerse oneself in the act.

You can now buy shares in one of the world’s top...

AS OF July 27, cocktail fans can pick up some equity along with their gin martini.

Cebu’s Rico’s Lechon makes its way to Metro Manila

WE’RE GOING to be the bearer of good news for your stomach and your soul, and bad news for your arteries and heart: Rico’s Lechon is now open in Manila.

Britain’s storm in a tea cup settled: The milk goes in...

LONDON — Although many cultural debates may be brewing in Britain, it appears that one age-old bone of contention has been settled: Should milk go in a cup of tea first or last?

Taste (08/02/18)

MARCO POLO Ortigas Manila has launched its annual Mid-Autumn Festival offerings with Celestial Treasures, and this year’s featured mooncakes symbolize luck, prosperity, and honor.

Singapore’s Michelin starred chicken place opens in the Philippines

CHAN HONG MENG, a cook with roots in the farm, couldn’t have dreamed that his soy sauce chicken and noodle offerings would earn him fame in the culinary world. In 2016, his Liao Fan Hawker Chan stall was granted a Michelin star in Singapore’s first Michelin Guide. Now, Hawker Chan is present in the Philippines, with its first branch opening later this week in SM Mall of Asia.

Your handy and scientifically verified guide to healthy eating

Nothing can drive a conversation more than food. In the age of the Internet, the amount of available information about food and nutrition has...

Fancy a cuppa?

WHAT BEGAN as the afternoon routine of a member of English nobility in the early 1800s is now a popular and healthy pastime in many parts of the world — drinking afternoon tea.

Whose are better?

EVERYBODY LOVES a wine bargain. Retail chains reflect the zeitgeist, so they’re rushing to cash in by creating house brands to keep their costs down and customers buying. The latest is US giant Walmart Inc., which rolled out its new Winemakers Selection collection in 1,100 of its nearly 4,000 stores in May.

Rum with a hint of sherry

DON PAPA RUM presents a baroque-inspired innovation with a limited edition flavor from four sherry blends.

World’s oldest bread found at prehistoric site in Jordan

WASHINGTON — Charred remains of a flatbread baked about 14,500 years ago in a stone fireplace at a site in northeastern Jordan have given researchers a delectable surprise: people began making bread, a vital staple food, millennia before they developed agriculture.

Kusina ni Mama Sita introduces adlai paella kit

AT the recent International Food Expedition (IFEX) at the World Trade Center and Trade Training Center, Kusina ni Mama Sita showcased a wide range of Filipino flavors along with more than 700 food exhibitors from Southeast Asia.

A little bit of honesty from wines

THE SOUTHWESTERN region of France has played host to many films, from the classic Grace Kelly-starrer To Catch a Thief, to the comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. But while they like to use it as a setting for movies about swindlers and con men, Thomas Dassé, Export Manager of Lionel Osmin & Cie, describes the people there as “more than honest.”