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When times are hard, bake some cake

THE COMMUNITY quarantine has left us all to bake: we’ve all been under pressure and heat either to rise, fall, or settle. Two twenty-somethings have taken up the challenge and instead of being baked themselves, went on to bake cake.

Gaita Fores cooks Hokkien Mee and Chicken Claypot Rice as the...

IF 2020 were a normal year, the 27th Singapore Food Festival would have been like it has always been: a grand celebration of food and culture featuring many food and beverage partners showing off their dishes in front of a live audience. But 2020 is not a normal year and thus the grand food festival has migrated to a safer space — online — but still continued to dish out virtual food tours, live masterclasses, chef collaborations, food bundles, and limited edition food merchandise across two weekends in August.

Food diplomacy

FOOD diplomacy takes center stage this month for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and The ASEAN Ladies Foundation, Inc. (ALF).

Crackers and milk: New products aim to fill market needs

FOOD companies are always looking for ways to fill the needs of their customers, looking for new niches that they can satisfy. One company decided to tackle a perceived need for a healthy cracker for mindful snacking, while a milk giant now offers an “organic” product for parents looking for healthier options.

Beef is proving more profitable than chicken in the pandemic

Inexpensive chicken was supposed to be the pick of the proteins in the pandemic. But suppliers with a greater focus on beef are outperforming those that rely more on poultry.

A chef has recreated Chandler’s grilled cheese in Friends — and...

THE year 2020 was supposed to be a big one for fans who had reached capacity on reruns of the hit show Friends.

A (farewell) Chocolate Kiss

THE Chocolate Kiss Café, a restaurant just as beloved and as respected as any other institution in the UP Diliman campus, is closing — another casualty of the pandemic. The announcement was made via its website earlier this week.

Why Pinoy food is not as famous as other Asian cuisines

THAI, Chinese, Japanese — their cuisine, or at least iterations and versions of them, have already made themselves known to the world. The West has adapted some of these dishes for their own repertoire. If California Maki and Orange Chicken exists, well, why haven’t we heard of, say, a San Francisco adobo?

This hearty sandwich will spice up same-old breakfasts — and lunches

RESTAURANTS across the country are starting to reopen, but there’s one popular dining category that remains out of commission: outdoor food markets. Places like Smorgasburg in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood — where crowds line up for pizza cupcakes and ramen burgers — create an environment that’s impossible to manage under COVID-19 restrictions. While Smorgasburg is morphing into Smorg to Go for takeout only, another wildly popular destination in New York, the Queens Night Market, remains closed.

When will Filipino food get its due?

THAI, Chinese, Japanese — their cuisine, or at least iterations and versions of them, have already made themselves known to the world. The West has adapted some of these dishes for their own repertoire. If California Maki and Orange Chicken exists, well, why haven’t we heard of, say, a San Francisco adobo?

Top Japanese chef’s simple recipe for lamb cumin rice bowl with...

By Richard Vine, Bloomberg CHEF SHUKO ODA is a food hero in London for the authentic and unfussy Japanese dishes she serves at Koya udon...

Vegetables shouldn’t be garnish, they should be the main course

by Patricia B. Mirasol Sustainable diets can reduce food loss and waste, said chefs and experts in a recent discussion about sustainability in the hospitality...

Fixing the food system through ‘responsible consumption’

The existing three-step linear food system—food production, marketing, and consumption—is dysfunctional. Consumers are at the core of this food system and their behavior thus influences its outcome. For the system to be fixed, a fourth step—waste management—and circularity need to be established.

“Eat out to help out” — UK offers diners some tasty...

LONDON — Britain launched a $625 million “Eat out to help out” discount scheme to boost spending at restaurants, cafes and pubs that have been crippled by COVID-19, offering half-priced meals from Monday to Wednesday to get people spending again.

Serving comfort during a pandemic

IN the months since the first announcement of community quarantine to control the COVID-19 pandemic, our dining and eating patterns have changed considerably. After the pandemic struck, there hardly seemed to be any reason to celebrate — or ways to do it, due to the ban on mass gatherings.

Pandemic set to spark biggest retreat for meat-eating in decades

The pandemic is poised to usher in the biggest retreat for global meat-eating in decades. Per-capita consumption is set to fall by almost 3% in 2020 to the lowest since 2011, according to data from the United Nations. Meanwhile, analysts across the globe are predicting declines not just per-capita, but also for overall demand in their regions.

Arla pushes organic credentials in new powdered milk product

Powdered milk was an especially important commodity during times of war and famine. Removing most of the water content of the milk enabled it to be transported more easily, but more importantly, give it a longer shelf life. Now, during a pandemic, Scandinavian organic dairy giant Arla is filling in a gap in the shelf-stable organic category with its own powdered milk.

A taste of democracy: South Korea’s 16-year fight for a green...

SEOUL — It is being hailed as a major win for democracy in South Korea. After 16 years in exile, a president this week triumphantly returned to claim his rightful place — on the front of a box of green onion-flavored cereal.

Keep calm and bake on

Staying at home for the past months has brought out the inner baker in many people. Even before the pandemic, baking served as a therapeutic way of managing fears and anxieties. And it isn’t just about enjoying something warm and delicious. Baking involves all the senses and requires one’s full attention, forcing the baker to focus on the recipe and mute their inner dialogues. It gives people a semblance of control.

Facing crisis, Cuba calls on citizens to grow more of their...

HAVANA — In the courtyard of a temple belonging to the Abakua Afro-Cuban religious brotherhood in Havana, Nelson Piloto is pulling up the lawn to plant bell peppers and cassava in the face of Cuba’s looming food crisis.

Order in the good stuff: from Jamaican patties to deadly doughnuts

FOR this week’s delivery food list, we’ve got upscale Filipino, pastries, and uncanned food.

Canned goodness

YOU can’t possibly think you can just get away with serving corned beef and onions seven times a week, can you? We asked for help from restaurateur, cookbook author, and morning show chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou on how to convert canned goods and pantry staples into dishes that even you can look forward to serving and eating.

Order in the good stuff (or cook Ikea’s meatballs)

Here’s a mix of global and Filipino favorites you can order in or make at home during the quarantine. We really mean global: we’ve got Ikea’s recipe for meatballs, straight from their Twitter account.

When you are tired of home cooking

UNLESS you have the good fortune of living with an incredible cook, canned goods and your own set of recipes can get old and quickly while we’re all under quarantine. Here’s a list of some of your favorite restaurants offering its menu for takeout and delivery (including fast food favorites selling ready-to-cook frozen items!) so you can get a taste of what life was before, and hope for the best for the future (but also keep you satisfied).

DA approves P1-billion loan program amid pandemic

THE DEPARTMENT of Agriculture (DA), through its Agriculture Credit Policy Council (ACPC), has approved an initial P1 billion for loans to help the sector amid threats to food security caused by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Microwaved and one-pot recipes for the quarantined beginner cook

IT must be a challenge to be stuck at home with nowhere else to eat, and all you’ve got are your cooking skills (we’re working under the assumption that they’re not top-tier). We got a few idiot-proof recipes to tide you over during these trying times. Three of these recipes are from San Miguel Foods Culinary Center’s Home Foodie recipes, made using just a microwave and your own two hands. Recipes from restaurateur Myke “Tatung” Sarthou and the late culinary grande dame Nora Daza might sound a bit daunting, but these start with the words “mix all ingredients.” There is no way you could screw this up. The recipes from Mr. Sarthou and Mrs. Daza also have the advantage of keeping well, a true need during times of uncertainty.

Samar gives up its secrets

SAMAR is regularly brought down to its knees thanks to its geographical location, which puts it right in the path of storms, including the long nightmare that was Typhoon Yolanda. And yet, when BusinessWorld spent the last days of February there, it was hard to feel that it was a province that knew hardship. In a carinderia (roadside eatery), a couple feasted on what are considered luxuries in the country’s capital: crabs and upland rice. A member of the tour group, who will not be named, scoffed, “And they call us poor.”

Saving the planet, one dish at a time

How sure are you that your choices when you’re dining out are healthy for the planet?

‘We eat the same things’

CHEF Myke “Tatung” Sarthou, like most people, may well have been content to stay in one place. As it is, however, man has a mandate to move, and despite it being a time of rest for him, he has managed to open two restaurants in less than a year.

Singapore’s Nine Fresh is here

BECAUSE of its popularity among Filipinos in its native Singapore, dessert shop Nine Fresh has decided to take a chance and expand outside its home country and into the Philippines.

What to do with holiday leftovers

AS WE leave the old year behind, we’re entering 2020 with a little bit of baggage: holiday leftovers. For the first week of this new decade, we’re giving you a few recipes using things you might have left in your fridge after the holiday rush.

Flavors to please an empress

WHEN YOU think of the empresses who ruled China, one name immediately comes to mind: Dowager Empress Cixi. A former concubine plucked from obscurity when she bore the Emperor a son, the woman shaped the last years of Imperial China. Cold and imperious, she eliminated all competition to the throne, even going as far as usurping the throne from her own son — the sanitized story is that she served as regent when her son was taken ill and eventually dying.

Bill eyes health warning for products with high sodium content

TWO LAWMAKERS have filed a bill requiring a health warning for food products with high sodium content.

Urban crocodile

HUMANS are arguably the world’s most successful predator, occupying a space atop the food chain. On this pedestal, we have been made free to consume every type of animal there is.

Playing with your food

WERE WE really born just to eat, mate, then die? How about having a little fun? A two-time World Champion of Pizza Acrobatics (in 2001 and 2002) shows us how we can play with our food, have fun, and live well at the same time.

Illustrated book on PHL food launched

RPD PUBLICATIONS launched Káin Ná!: An Illustrated Guide to Philippine Food on Aug. 31 at Shangri-La at The Fort’s High Street Lounge. The book was written by veteran culinary historian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria and Singaporean cookbook writer Bryan Koh and illustrated by Mariel Ylagan Garcia. Káin Ná! — which means “Let’s Eat” in Filipino — explores the diverse variety of cookery and dining essentials from around the country.

Raw Honesty: Found In Sashimi

THE WORD “raw” can capture an image of boorishness. We humans think that something is only worthy of attention when it has been touched by our numerous complications. It takes a certain elegance and skill to present food safely and tastily in its rawest form, for example, sashimi. In sashimi, there is a communion between nature and humanity, the tongue getting a taste of what the universe has created in its truest, most honest, and yet proudest form, aided with minimal intervention by the human hand.

Deceptively simple food

THAILAND’S CLIMATE — social and meteorological — makes for perfect culinary theater. Spices and herbs grow in abundance, while influences are gathered from high and low, from different regions like China, India, and Portugal through trade; to different classes: from the royal family itself down to the common people.

Authentic Chinese flavors mixed with Filipino-Chinese favorites

DUE to market demand for an “upscale Chinese dining experience,” Seda Vertis North in Quezon City is introducing Chinese menu items in their banquet facilities and opening a Cantonese restaurant by year-end featuring authentic Chinese flavors mixed with Filipino-Chinese favorites.

Vegan sea urchin will soon start showing up on sushi counters

THE meat-free movement is finding its way into strange and exotic dishes.

Artisanal bakeshop offers hybrid pan de sal and baguettes in Quezon...

SOMEONE ONCE told me that a good breakfast was a sign of a good life: someone has spent time, money, and care to make sure you’re properly nourished in the morning. Of these three options, Manu Mano, a small bakery in Banawe, Manila, chooses to occupy the space carved out by love.

New in the Metro: giant turon, showy pizza, and smoothies

IF YOU’VE ever had a turon (a fruit-filled fried spring roll) from SM, which people apparently line up for, then you’re bound to be excited over a giant version of it.

M Bakery offers cupcake icing classes

M BAKERY will begin offering special cupcake icing classes with a hands-on, in-store experience beginning Aug. 17.

Ordering coffee through Bo’s chatbot on Messenger

SKIP the line at Bo’s Coffee with a chatbot called Botty.