THE COUNTRY’s leading utility van nameplate, with a 66% market share, has veritably donned work clothes as Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) unveils the Hiace Cargo, which is a seat-less option to accommodate payload instead of passengers. It is predicated on the Hiace Commuter.

Last year, TMP had introduced the so-called “full-model-change” Hiace with the addition of Super Grandia Elite, and GL Tourer variants to cater to a more upscale market. TMP, however, continued to maintain the Commuter variant as a “staple people-mover used as company shuttles for private use, and UV express to serve the public.”

TMP First Vice-President for Vehicle Sales Operations Sherwin Chua Lim said in a company release: “It is also timely as we are also able to cater to the needs of the market for goods transfer during this pandemic situation… The Philippines is the largest Hiace market outside Japan. We want to continue expanding our Hiace lineup for more versatile use.” The Hiace Cargo retails for P1.101 million.