If you’ve been following political news this week, you’re probably exhausted. It didn’t help that a storm came through, forcing vehicles to practically park along major thoroughfares. Now that it’s the weekend, take a rest. Read on.

Art Samantha Gonzales


Weekends are made for staying up late and sleeping in until afternoon. But getting proper shut‑eye, which is very rewarding, can be made more effective through eye masks. Sleep in total darkness, advised former health secretary Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan during a press conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Kamuning Bakery. In darkness, he explained, the body produces more melatonin, a hormone secreted by our brain’s pineal gland. This helps regulate hormones and the body’s circadian rhythm. In addition, keep an eye mask in your pocket for afternoon naps. Dr. Galvez Tan swears by it.


Art Samantha Gonzales


Facial centers have adopted a fast‑food business model. Walk in, get your pores cleansed, and leave. Dermquest along Sct. Dr. Lazcano in Quezon City (near Tomas Morato) on the other hand, keeps the sanctity of the facial treatment as a beauty ritual. The clinic has a relaxing ambience—a stunning spiral staircase made of hardwood is the focal point, complemented by splashes of blue flowing through the first and second floors. Beside every bed, a candle is lit. With a very hands‑on dermatologist, Dr. Diane Dizon, at its helm, the clinic has a very professional staff which includes nurses. Not only do they take good care of your skin, they also explain every step and every ingredient and every process thoroughly. For this stellar service, the cost is worth it. A classic facial starts at ₱300, but we recommend the rejuvenating facial (₱550), which has a longer facial massage time. Aside from facial services, there are also dermatological services. For those with deeper pockets, they recently launched a promo offering unlimited Liporeduce and Lipofirm for a year for ₱30,000.


Art Samantha Gonzales


If you haven’t yet, let Sam Smith serenade you with his latest song that pierces the heart. “Too Good at Goodbyes” is marking Smith’s return to the music scene after a two‑year hiatus where he “escape[d] into his mind and [wrote] music so freely,” he said in a note. The break, he said, rejuvenated him and left him with stories waiting to be sung. The brand new single easily climbed up the billboard charts, and fans have been lapping up the song: 13,283,939 times on YouTube (as of this writing) to be exact. Smith isn’t only good at goodbyes, he’s also good at making a huge comeback from a two‑year rest. Isn’t this the kind of positivity we all need to have?