New Caltex Delo oil promises shorter downtime for truck fleets

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THE NEWLY LAUNCHED Delo 400 SLK SAE 15W-40 is said to boost the performance of various engine designs, allowing one oil for vehicles from different OEMs with or without DPF after-treatment devices, thus reducing inventory costs for vehicle operators.

Critical and in-demand commercial vehicles, such as shipping and logistics trucks, buses, waste management trucks and off-road vehicles can benefit from an engine performance bump via the Delo 400 SLK. Marketed by Chevron Philippines, Inc. (CPI), the engine oil addresses the “needs of diesel engines operating under on- and off-road conditions.” It promises improved oxidation stability allowing engines to have extended oil life, enabling shorter downtime even for vehicles operating under stop-and-go and severe operating conditions.

In a field trial, 30 trucks reached an extended drain interval of 60,000 km to 80,000 km.

The Delo 400 SLK’s anti-wear system also offers robust wear and corrosion protection of engine components. These all means improved equipment reliability, reduced vehicle downtime and less operational costs. The new Delo 400 SLK is available in drum and 18-liter pail packaging. For more information, e-mail or talk to a sales representative.