Napkin brand launches pro-women videos

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A WOMAN’S PERIOD can pretty much lead to a bad day, especially when she experiences dysmenorrhea on top of the demands of daily life. The last thing she needs is to be focusing on blood stains and napkins.

Napkin brand launches pro-women videos
Zumba instructor and TV personality Regine Tolentino leads the women in a Jeunesse-sponsored Zumba dance class that is meant to lessen muscle pain during a woman’s period.

“We want to encourage women to feel good inside-out, especially when on their period,” said MJ Huang, marketing head of local napkin brand Jeunesse, on July 28, when the brand launched its online campaign which aims to empower modern women with the hash tag #positivelybetter.

Jeunesse, a fairly new napkin brand in the market, uses anions to reduce the sometimes foul smell of menstruation, Ms. Huang told BusinessWorld. Jeunesse was introduced in the market four years ago.

On its Facebook page are series of tips on how women can turn their bad days to beautiful ones through photos and videos. An example Facebook entry is a simple tip: “Take five minutes of your time to plug in — your earbuds, that is! Close your eyes and listen to your favorite song or any tunes that will make you feel better.”

The #positivelybetter campaign also encourages women to choose a healthy lifestyle, like doing 30 minutes of exercise in the park daily because it lessens dysmenorrhea and relaxes the brain and body.

Jeunesse claims that using its products can lessen the pain and the smell of menstruation thanks to the anion strips embedded in its panty liners and napkins.

Anions — negatively charged ions — are abundant in nature, “around moving water and natural places,” said the Negative Ionizers Web site. In high concentrations, anions, said the site claims, anions clear “mold spores, odors, bacteria, viruses… and other hazardous airborne particles.”

Ms. Huang said the technology is patented from China, and that its products have passed the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and guaranteed safe to use.

There are four variants: with and without wings and for daytime and nighttime use. The bedtime napkins come in 28 cm and 32 cm lengths.

Jeunesse, which means “youth” in French, caters to girls and women of all lifestyle. “I think we have our own niche. We are in between Modess and Charmie,” said Ms. Huang when asked who are their target market.

A 10-piece pack sells for P80. It is available at leading groceries and on the Lazada Web site since last year. Ms. Huang said that while the retail shops are still the primary mode of shopping, online is also becoming a good option “especially those at the province.”

Jeunesse campaign videos and photos are found on its Web site and social media accounts @JeunesseAnion. — Nickky Faustine P. de Guzman