THE PHILIPPINE Trade Training Center (PTTC) will be offering 20 free training programs to prospective entrepreneurs next week, as part of its observance of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME) Week.

In an interview with BusinessWorld, PTTC-Global MSME Academy (GMEA) Deputy Executive Director Nelly Nita N. Dillera said that this year the agency will be offering more training programs.

“We used to offer only one day free training sessions. This time we will be doing this for one week. The number of training sessions we will be offering for free during the MSME Week Celebration will cover about 20 programs,” she said.

MSME Week is observed during the second week of July. This year, the event will run from July 8 to 12.

According to PTTC’s website, the following free training programs will be offered: Family business leadership; Trends in food business: From concept to marketplace; How to start a business; Youth entrepreneurship boot camp; Transformation of the tourism and hospitality industry — Role of digitalization and skills framework; Financial literacy; Developing a business concept; Digital marketing; e-commerce 101; Costing and pricing; Growth hacking through Fintech; Innovation management; Transformational business: Sustainable development goals in the transformational business Seminar; The state of the F&B Industry: Identifying business gaps and opportunities; Product development; Pitching original content with production (animation and games); Costing for creatives (graphic design and animation); Halal global opportunities; and the Halal certification process.

Online reservations for the seminars will be taken at — Gillian M. Cortez