THE Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) said it hopes to expand the use of artificial insemination in cattle to increase herd sizes at lower cost.

In an interview on March 25, Glacelle Alyne C. Malinao, BAR Coordinator for Livestock, said that compared with normal mating, a single bull’s ejaculation can be used on 20 cows via artificial insemination. The process allows farmers to skip the process of raising stud bulls..

The study was conducted by the Isabela State University (ISU).

According to Ms. Malinao, the method is not widely accepted by Philippine farmers due to its 40% to 45% success rate. She said researchers hope to improve this rate using improved methods.

“Researchers are looking for ways to improve the chance of fertilizing the cattle,” Ms. Malinao said.

Bernalin P. Cadayong, Senior Economic Development Specialist with the BAR Technology Commercialization Division, said semen can be collected from a bull once a day.

Ms. Cadayong said artificial insemination is available to farmers via local government units (LGUs), with technicians on call to provide the service to cows.

Ms. Malinao said that BAR is also looking for cooperatives that can conduct the processing of semen for artificial insemination. — Reicelene Joy N. Ignacio