By Charmaine A. Tadalan, Reporter
THE Sandiganbayan’s fifth division on Friday allowed Ilocos Norte-2nd district Rep. Imelda R. Marcos to post bail anew pending resolution of her motion for leave.
“We will order her to post bonds in the same amount of the forfeited bonds,” Associate Justice Rafael R. Lagos said, noting Mrs. Marcos should remain within the premises until the bonds posted amounting to P150,000 have been approved.
The former First Lady was released from the custody of the Court around 11:30 a.m. upon approval of her bail.
The anti-graft Court was acting on the motion for leave of court to avail of post conviction remedies, which the camp of Mrs. Marcos filed on Nov. 12.
In the said motion, it was explained Mrs. Marcos failed to attend the promulgation on Nov. 9 “solely because she was indisposed.”
It was also noted that the accused suffers from the following medical condition: Diabetes Mellitus Type 2; Hypertension and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; Status mini strokes; Sensorial hearing loss; Chronic recurrent urinary tract infection; Chronic recurrent gastritis and multiple colon polyps and Recurrent respiratory tract infection.
Mrs. Marcos, however, also told the court the real reason for her absence was because she was unaware of the promulgation date.
“If I knew about it, I would have been here, even if I was sick, I would have been here,” Mrs. Marcos said, adding she learned about her conviction on the TV news.
On the matter of her attending the birthday party of her daughter Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee R. Marcos, she said she went there at her daughter’s pleading.
She explained further the notice of promulgation was sent to her residence, but was left in the office of her secretary who had been on leave for about a month.
“It turns out that an envelope from the Court was received by my cook and she placed the same in the room of my secretary, Shirley Torio. Unfortunately, Ms. Torio was not with me that week because she had to return to the province to attend the funeral of her aunt,” Mrs. Marcos said in her affidavit, submitted to the Court on Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Marcos on Nov. 9 was convicted of seven counts of graft in connection with $200 million in public funds transferred to Swiss foundations during the rule of her husband, the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos
Opposition lawmakers slammed the Sandiganbayan order restoring bail for Mrs. Marcos.
“Very double standard! Very shameful of the high magistrates of the Sandiganbayan bowing down to the high and mighty Marcoses for the whole world to see. Very disappointing! As if the delay of more than two decades in deciding the case was not enough injustice,” Anakpawis Rep. Ariel B. Casilao said in a phone message to reporters.