By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino
Special Features Writer
KMC SOLUTIONS recently launched three flexible workspaces in Metro Manila, and is looking to open more in the Visayas region as part of the company’s plan to ramp up its portfolio to 10,000 seats by the end of the year.
The three new office spaces are located in Robinsons Zeta Tower in Quezon City, Rockwell Sheridan 1 in Mandaluyong City, and Robinsons Cyberscape Gamma in Pasig City.
KMC offers almost 500 seats at its office space in Zeta Tower, located at the corner of Ortigas Ave. and E. Rodriguez, Jr. Ave. Most of the seats are in private rooms, but there are also desks and co-working spaces available.
KMC’s workspace at Rockwell Sheridan 1 has more than 500 seats, with work floors, manager’s cabins, and director’s offices. These setups are suitable for multinational companies that want to have a presence in Makati City
At its office space in Robinsons Cyberscape Gamma, KMC offers around 600 seats. There are modern plug-and-play spaces with common areas such as bars, multi-function rooms, and pantries.
According to Tracy G. Ignacio, KMC Solutions chief operating officer, the three workspaces have different styles and characters. “The look and feel is generally different from one site to the other,” she said.
But they all have fast and reliable Internet connection.
At present, KMC has 8,800 seats in 29 floors in 19 different buildings, for a total of about 48,000 square meters (sq.m.).
The company is looking to expand its footprint, as it negotiates with landlords in various locations, including Iloilo and Cebu.
Michael T. McCullough, KMC Solutions managing director and cofounder, said the flexible workspace is the future. He is optimistic that at least 15% of the offices spaces in Asia will be flexible by 2030.
In the Philippines, demand for office space has reached as much as 1.2 million sq.m. this year, and clients continuously look for flexible workspaces as the traditional office model slowly becomes obsolete, the company said.
“With the growing number of start-ups and entrepreneurs and the increasing number of foreign companies who want to establish a presence in the Philippines, the need for co-working and flexible working space is booming,” said Mr. McCullough.
Mr. McCullough is already advising his team to be ready for the massive expansion of the company, which will be 10 times bigger than what it is right now, he said.
The biggest driver contributing to the growing demand for flexible workspaces in the country is the opportunity and freedom it gives to the companies, especially start-ups, where they can open an office without investing a lot, said Ms. Ignacio.
“We at KMC are committed to help local and foreign businesses, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized enterprises in the Philippines in providing initial support, working spaces, even up to the growth and expansion of their operations,” said Mr. McCullough.